45 Ways to be a better listener

1 Maintain eye contact

2 Ask questions

3 Dont interrupt

4 Listen to learn, not respond

5 Acknowledge and empathize

6 Become a better empathetic listener

7 Know the listening styles

8 Listen for emotion

9 Take it easy!

10 Wait until someone is truly done speaking to respond

11 Repeat back what you heard

12 Put away your phone

13 Make eye contact

14 Pay attention

15 Improve your active listening skills

16 Listen to learn, not out of politeness

17 Be quiet

18 Let them finish speaking before interrupting or asking questions

19 Pay attention to your talk/listen ratio

20 Observe how often you speak and listen

21 Be honest with yourself

22 Second, take notes to clarify information

23 Look the person in the eyes

24 Create the right physical environment

25 Repeat back what the other person said

26 Give a proper response

27 Dont pass judgment

28 Paraphrase & summarize

29 Remain focused

30 Summarise what youve heard with empathy

31 Listen actively

32 Remember and follow up

33 Be interested and attentive

34 Use and observe body language

35 Minimize distractions

36 Focus

37 Keep your mouth shut

38 Eliminate as many distractions as you can

39 Listen to their speech

40 Get rid of distractions

41 Turn off selective hearing

42 Be patient

43 Be present, just as you would in meditation

44 Remember anecdotes

45 Validate theiremotions

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