39 Ways to be a better public speaker

1 Engage your audience

2 Prepare and practice

3 Practice, practice, practice

4 Keep it real

5 Know your audience inside and out

6 Prepare with presence

7 Smile

8 Authenticity

9 Slow down

10 Work on making eye contact

11 Interact with your audience

12 Make it personal

13 Pay attention to your body language

14 Tell a story

15 Write it down

16 Confidence

17 Record yourself speaking

18 Consider the audience

19 Make it interactive

20 Speak really slowly

21 Practice in front of a group

22 Toastmasters international

23 Remember that its not about you

24 Begin with presence

25 Familiarize yourself with the stage

26 Get some exercise

27 Present yourself confidently

28 Research the topic

29 Enhance your visuals and audio

30 Prepare for the worst

31 Practice with a friend or coach

32 Picture a successful outcome

33 Think about body language

34 Say it in front of a mirror

35 Dont read to your audience

36 Improve your public speaking with a more effective mindset

37 Have great information that will help other people

38 Learn relaxation techniques

39 Be realistic about your weaknesses and highlight your strengths

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