28 Ways to be polite and respectful

1 Be respectful

2 Reinforce polite and kind behavior

3 Pay attention and listen

4 Offer praise

5 Demonstrate trust

6 Say sorry

7 Use manners and always be polite

8 Give respect to earn respect

9 Help others

10 Apologize when you do wrong

11 Be respectful to others

12 Listen when someone is talking

13 Emphasize your honesty

14 Say please and thank you

15 Say nothing

16 Master your table manners

17 Be respectful when you correct your child

18 Act respectfully

19 Arrive early

20 Good manners are a good habit

21 Be humble and considerate

22 Be welcoming

23 Address elders with respect

24 Happiness

25 Lend a helping hand or ear

26 Eat together

27 Use little words to soften your statements

28 Affirm

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