46 Ways to be sharp minded

1 Learn something new

2 Make a commitment to keep learning

3 Exercise

4 Try new experiences

5 Sleep on it

6 Laugh!

7 Express yourself creatively

8 Engage all of your senses

9 Math game

10 Remove unnecessary distractions

11 Cognifit brain fitness

12 Practice meditation

13 Have a regular workout

14 Allow yourself to daydream

15 Dance!

16 Get social

17 Play board games (e

18 Play games

19 Let go of regrets

20 Get into nature

21 Meditate or practice yoga

22 Start each morning with exercise

23 Aim to do something new every day

24 Breathe deeply

25 Eat right

26 Allow yourself to power nap

27 Surround yourself with intelligent, positive people

28 Warm up your brain

29 Read books, and read a lot

30 Lack of concentration

31 Find the differences

32 Eat polyunsaturated fatty acids

33 Word games and puzzles

34 Be mindful

35 Learn how to breathe

36 Break out of your daily routine

37 Become sovereign

38 Read inspirational stories

39 Word games

40 Memory

41 Xperica hd

42 Be part of a local group

43 Explain what you know to others

44 Utilize your online time wisely

45 Use your mind instead of a calculator

46 Work outfor your brain

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