36 Ways to be a more likeable person

1 Be genuine

2 Smile!

3 Accept compliments gracefully

4 Practice your listening skills

5 Compliment others genuinely and often

6 Maintain your composure (and staying consistent)

7 Listen!

8 Embrace a positive attitude

9 Be yourself!

10 Be kind

11 Be positive around them

12 Be open-minded

13 Do not be judgemental

14 Call people by their name

15 Stay humble

16 Minimize complaining

17 Develop your sense of humor

18 Put your smartphone in your pocket

19 Be a little vulnerable

20 Compliment other people in a real and genuine way

21 Remember their name

22 Establish a connection via shared interests

23 Be authentic and a person of integrity at all times

24 Casually touch them

25 Be useful/usable

26 Understand your audience

27 Look people in the eye

28 Listen to them totally and completely

29 Have a friendly, open, engaged demeanor

30 Dont try to be the center of attention

31 Say other peoples names often

32 Remember

33 Try to display positive emotions

34 Show your liking for another person

35 Dont get overwhelmed by those who speak too much

36 Skip the small talk

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