60 Ways to be better at communication

1 Listen carefully

2 Show empathy

3 Ask questions

4 Pay special attention to social media

5 Be honest & transparent

6 Use clear messages

7 Ask for and give feedback

8 Practice active listening

9 Reinforce active listening

10 Pay attention to body language

11 Develop your voice

12 Identify a common purpose

13 Celebrate achievements and milestones

14 Build trust and credibility

15 Offer a platform for anonymous feedback

16 Think before you speak or act

17 Listen actively

18 Offer compliments in a thoughtful way

19 Watch your body language

20 Provide personalized communications

21 Listen actively and with empathy

22 Become a great listener

23 Be direct & to the point

24 Have an open-door policy

25 Put in place clear communication channels

26 Identify & reach out to shy or introverted employees

27 Respect others communication preferences

28 Non-verbal communication matters

29 Clarifying and summarising–

30 Allow your employees the opportunity to recharge

31 Have managers lead by example

32 Avoid negative emotions

33 Offer training

34 Talk with, rather than about

35 Keep things simple

36 Fill out employee profiles

37 Communicate more frequently

38 Avoid verbal orders

39 Implement team building activities

40 Equip your teams with the right tools

41 Determine if your partners needs are being met

42 Convey the right tone

43 Be open and honest with your team members

44 Prioritize face-to-face communication

45 Usage of appropriate words

46 Understand and respect diversity differences

47 Encourage & facilitate constant feedback

48 Dont be afraid of a bit of silence

49 Know your audience and whats important to them

50 Stress management

51 Keep your door open and schedule time to talk

52 Pay attention to how you spend your leisure time

53 Understand your communication channels

54 Understand the other person first

55 Say what you mean

56 Take time to listen

57 Follow up in writing

58 Talk with your child, not at your child

59 Grab the audiences attention

60 Hold office hours

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