31 Ways to be creative in business

1 Inspire creativity

2 Write a blog

3 Online courses

4 Connect with your customers on social media

5 Go for a walk

6 Brainstorm new ideas

7 Create a website

8 On facebook

9 Play a game

10 Add some color

11 On instagram stories

12 Look into conferences

13 Build your confidence

14 Organize team brainstorming

15 Go green or blue

16 Make twitter lists

17 Talk to your customers

18 Do something different

19 Solidify your local seo campaign

20 Celebrate memories

21 Free, practical tools

22 Prepare your company for bounce-back surge business

23 Teaser campaigns

24 Relax your assumptions

25 Offer discounts for limited periods

26 Sell your creations online

27 Sell your photos

28 Start a clothing line

29 Write an ebook

30 Write custom songs

31 Gig

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