34 Ways to be creative at home

1 Let yourself daydream

2 Make things moveable

3 Brainstorm new ideas

4 Showcase your work

5 Go on a scavenger hunt

6 Go for a walk

7 Play a game of hopscotch

8 Have a freeze dance

9 Cooking and baking

10 Wallpaper a bookcase

11 Make your own obstacle course

12 Make time for creativity

13 Find your inspiration

14 Learn a dance routine

15 Bounce ideas off someone

16 Listen to stimulating music

17 Do some physical activity

18 Spend time outside

19 Play hide-and-seek

20 Move on to another activity

21 Clarify your values

22 Draw with sidewalk chalk

23 Learn some classic hand-clapping games

24 Create vision boards

25 Get enough sleep

26 Sell your art online

27 Sell your creations online

28 Sell your photos

29 Start a clothing line

30 Write an ebook

31 Teach an online course

32 Write custom songs

33 Gig

34 Write and sell a book about your art process

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