31 Ways to get better at problem solving

1 Brainstorm possible solutions

2 Clearly define the problem

3 Identify the problem

4 Implement your solution

5 Evaluate the solutions

6 Provide multiple potential solutions

7 Be creative

8 Group communication/collaboration game

9 Evaluate the outcome

10 Make sure to take a break

11 Draw a mind map to visualize the problem

12 Create an action plan

13 Encourage creative play

14 Keep an idea journal with you

15 Use mind maps to help visualize the problem

16 Teach them basic problem-solving steps

17 Reverse engineer the problem

18 List out as many solutions as possible

19 Determine the root causes

20 Lack of motivation

21 Remain objective

22 Take up a hobby

23 Work out your brain with logic puzzles or games

24 Identify alternatives for approaches to resolve the problem

25 Sleep on it

26 Turn your problem into a question

27 Analyze information

28 Chunk down method

29 Be clear about what the solution looks like

30 Look down on a problem

31 Choose the best strategy

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