49 Ways to be more calm

1 Mindfulness meditation

2 Breathe deeply

3 Take deep breaths

4 Go for a stroll

5 Be compassionate toward yourself

6 Take a break

7 Focus on your breathing

8 Count to 10 (or 100)

9 Write it all down

10 Get plenty of sleep

11 Give yourself a hand massage

12 Slow down your breathing

13 Focus on the positive

14 Trust yourself

15 Have fun!

16 Use breathing techniques

17 Stay positive

18 Do mindfulness exercises

19 Hug someone

20 Stay focused on the present

21 Use visualization

22 Try aromatherapy

23 Keep a self-compassion diary

24 Focus on the big picture

25 Take a break from social media

26 Understand your emotions

27 Take a warm shower or bath

28 Practice reassuring self-talk

29 Connect with your body

30 Add some green

31 Identify the source of your anxiety

32 Engage in small acts of kindness

33 Start with a calm foundation

34 Just walk away

35 Clearly identify your feelings

36 Eat a tasty (preferably – healthy) meal

37 Listen to music that calms

38 Remove yourself from the situation

39 Step outside and get a breath of fresh air

40 Make time to worry on purpose

41 Raise your hopes and lower your expectations

42 Never be surprised

43 Ignore small and insignificant events

44 Redirect your thoughts

45 Hit the pause button

46 Grab a cup of tea

47 Surround yourself with positive people

48 Practice the s

49 Use your stress as adrenaline

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