44 Ways to be calm in every situation

1 Mindfulness meditation

2 Breathe

3 Take deep breaths

4 Practice mindfulness

5 Take care of yourself

6 Compassion for others

7 Go for a stroll

8 Write it all down

9 Be compassionate toward yourself

10 Get some sleep

11 Hand massage

12 Talk to a friend

13 Watch something funny

14 Get some exercise

15 Stay focused on the present

16 Focus on the positive

17 Make a list and plan

18 Be not anxious

19 Stay positive

20 Concentrate on your body

21 Recognize what stress looks like for you

22 Slow down & breathe

23 Listen actively

24 Meditate your way to relaxation

25 Take a warm shower or bath

26 Get them moving

27 Create healthy eating habits

28 Keep it all in perspective

29 Choose your response

30 Think positively

31 Get in touch with your senses

32 Try aromatherapy

33 Do this monkey stretch to release tension

34 Do something creative

35 Focus on your breathing

36 Ask yourself if your anger is reasonable

37 Be realistic

38 Always be flexible

39 Keep your mind distracted before the match

40 Think properly about stressful situation

41 Carry a soothing scent

42 Refocus your energy

43 Detox

44 Ignore small and insignificant events

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