36 Ways to be better at writing

1 Create an outline

2 Keep it simple

3 Keep sentences short

4 Edit and then edit some more

5 Write what you know

6 Be specific

7 Eliminate all unnecessary words

8 Avoid the passive tense

9 Practice

10 Improve your vocabulary

11 Write every day

12 Listen to how people talk

13 Edit, edit, edit

14 Defeat writer’s block

15 Spend time to write everyday

16 Start with an outline

17 Find balance

18 Work on expanding your vocabulary

19 Buy a personal dictionary & thesaurus

20 Write like its your job

21 Show, don’t tell

22 Read what you want to write about

23 Vary your sentence structure

24 Write more often

25 Do your research

26 Allow yourself to write badly

27 Make it more concise

28 Read, read, read!

29 Mimic great writers you like

30 Trust yourself

31 Use simple, declarative sentences

32 Avoid pretentious words

33 Watch movies

34 Take courses on writing

35 Educate yourself about writing

36 Use the active voice

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