34 Ways to be a better partner in a relationship

1 Show appreciation

2 Give each other space

3 Accept your partner for who they are

4 Show attention and appreciation

5 Choose your battles

6 Stay healthy

7 Focus on giving love

8 Friendship

9 Schedule sex!

10 Take an interest in what interests them

11 Ask for what you need

12 Be more spontaneous

13 Go on a date

14 Spend quality time together

15 Keep dating each other

16 Be supportive

17 Be affectionate toward your spouse

18 Provide favors

19 Be grateful and content

20 Be fair when you fight

21 Be generous with your partner

22 Be more vulnerable

23 Leave your baggage out of the relationship

24 Share positive comments and affirmations

25 Complain without blame

26 Have an honest conversation with your partner

27 Have a discussion about boundaries and commitments

28 Start a gratitude practice

29 Remind yourself that you can survive anything

30 Take a time out to calm down and get rational

31 Get into therapy

32 Give your partner your undivided attention

33 Control your reactions

34 Express your emotions

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