28 Ways to be a good listener over text

1 Avoid distractions

2 Ask clarifying questions

3 Prepare yourself to listen

4 Watch tv in spanish

5 Validate their feelings

6 Look the speaker in the eyes

7 Listen to learn, not to be polite

8 Pay attention to your talk/listen ratio

9 Empathetically repeat back what you heard

10 Check in with each other

11 Understand what listening looks like

12 Say it again

13 Tell the other person about your feelings and reactions

14 Summarise what youve heard with empathy

15 Get their full attention

16 Reassure the person of your confidentiality

17 Do not interrupt her

18 Use your head

19 Be an active listener

20 Adjust your body language

21 Stop giving unsolicited advice

22 Be present, just as you would in meditation

23 Remove stringent metrics

24 Dont pass judgment

25 Resist the fear of missing out (fomo)

26 Check your assumptions about what it means to say no

27 Consider how to use a modified no

28 Find a spanish speaker

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