27 Ways to be more appreciative

1 Express your gratitude

2 Give a gratitude gift

3 Keep a gratitude journal

4 Create a gratitude ritual

5 Show respect for others

6 Gratitude increases your goal achievement

7 Gratitude can help you cope through emotional trauma

8 Share your gratitude for your loved ones

9 Write handwritten notes of thanks

10 Send a thank-you note

11 Give someone a gift

12 Give a hug

13 Donate to a nonprofit

14 I really appreciate it

15 Make it personal

16 Accept his compliments

17 Gratitude reduces feelings of envy

18 Share your gratitude at bedtime

19 Be thoughtful of others

20 Enjoy the sunshine

21 Heartbreak

22 Remember flirting? dont forget about flirting!

23 Spread gratitude via your social media platforms

24 Take a gratitude walk

25 Give of yourself

26 Use a corporate gamification system

27 Look for awe-inspiring moments in your day

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