56 Ways to get better sleep

1 Establish a bedtime routine

2 Avoid clock watching

3 Use deep breathing

4 Stick to a consistent sleep schedule

5 Make a commitment to sleep better

6 Exercise regularly

7 Stop caffeine after lunch

8 Invest in a good mattress

9 Avoid heavy meals before bedtime

10 Limit daytime naps

11 Take time to relax

12 Make your bed a sleepy sanctuary

13 Stay on a schedule

14 Keep it cool

15 Get plenty of natural light in the day

16 Try aromatherapy

17 Get up at the same time everyday

18 Address the stress

19 Try a white noise machine

20 Pick the perfect pillow for you

21 Keep your bedroom cool

22 Use your bed only for sleep and sex

23 Make sure your mattress is comfortable

24 Paint your bedroom in tranquil colors

25 Create a bedtime ritual

26 Take a soothing bath

27 Come up with a regular, relaxing bedtime routine

28 Power down at least an hour before bed

29 Dont stress about sleep

30 Keep your bedroom quiet

31 Visualize yourself asleep

32 Get outside and exercise

33 Establish a sleep routine

34 Keep a sleep diary

35 Limit nicotine and caffeine

36 Make a practical plan

37 Avoid bright lights

38 Work out in the morning

39 Skip the afternoon nap

40 Get some therapy

41 If you share a bed, get separate blankets

42 Sip on tart cherry juice

43 Pay attention to what you eat and drink

44 Keep rooms dark at night

45 Avoid alcohol before bed

46 Declutter

47 Stop the blame game

48 Write down your worries

49 Beware of blue light and stimulation

50 Get up after 20 minutes

51 Design your room with sleep in mind

52 Practice makes perfect

53 Limit your alcohol intake, too

54 Turn down the thermostat

55 Exercise (but listen to your body)

56 Watch your caffeine intake

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