26 Ways to be happy during quarantine

1 Get exercise

2 Express gratitude

3 Establish a routine

4 Stay in contact

5 Teach each other a new skill

6 Limit your social media intake

7 Meditate and/or

8 Get outdoors

9 Learn a new language

10 Donate to a cause you believe in

11 Play an online game with friends

12 Keep in touch with family, friends and past colleagues

13 Set up weekly themed zoom dates

14 Get outside while its still allowed

15 Start or maintain your home garden

16 Start your morning routine like normal

17 Say a prayer

18 Reconnect with yourself

19 Connect with others through a good cause

20 Catch up on your sleep

21 Do good for others

22 Listen to more music

23 Read a book

24 Mantra translation website (http

25 Train a pet

26 Have some solo dance parties

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