111 Ways to be more productive at work

1 Take a break

2 Prioritize your tasks

3 Establish a morning routine

4 Take breaks (yes, seriously)

5 Stay organized

6 Minimize distractions

7 Set realistic goals

8 Create a to-do list

9 Stop multi-tasking

10 Get plenty of sleep

11 Improve your work environment

12 Avoid multitasking

13 Focus on one task at a time

14 Turn off phone notifications

15 Maintain a schedule

16 Delegate responsibility

17 Celebrate achievements

18 Ask for help!

19 Go outside

20 Break up big tasks into smaller components

21 Define boundaries

22 Set small objectives

23 Wake up earlier

24 Establish a daily routine

25 Stay off social media

26 Select the proper tools

27 Use the pomodoro technique

28 Get some natural light

29 Stop procrastination

30 Do the hardest things first

31 Connect your remote employees with your non-remote employees

32 Silence your phone

33 Communicate effectively

34 Time block your schedule

35 Create a healthy work environment

36 Drink enough water

37 Designate certain daysof the week for certain kinds of work

38 Encourage work-life balance

39 Just get started

40 Implement the two-minute rule

41 Take advantage of your commute

42 Batch your tasks

43 Make use of your commute time

44 Get a change of scenery

45 Give them incentives

46 Prepare your meals the night before

47 Follow the 80/20 rule

48 Set deadlines for yourself

49 Hold standing meetings

50 Use productivity tools

51 Personalise your schedule

52 Time your tasks with a time tracker

53 Prioritize your most important tasks first

54 Highly productive employees tap into the power of their team

55 Create a space to work in

56 Break down large tasks

57 Invest in comfy and ergonomic office furniture

58 Give them something nice to look at

59 Keep to a regular working pattern

60 Leave the house

61 Plan your day the night before

62 Use time management tools

63 Monitor/measure your progress regularly

64 Get some noise-canceling headphones

65 Get dressed in the morning

66 Start the night before for a productive day

67 Set your goals for tomorrow

68 Drink caffeine (in moderation)

69 Start with the big picture

70 Work remotely sometimes

71 Maintain a distraction-free environment

72 Turn off all possible distractions

73 Give each other feedback

74 Eliminate unnecessary communication

75 Break down your tasks into smaller steps

76 Learn to prioritize

77 Schedule your day strategically

78 Track your time

79 Dont be a slave to email

80 Plan ahead

81 Identify and organize tasks

82 Rework your to-do list

83 Measure your results, not your time

84 Build habits to help you start working

85 Track where you waste time

86 Build habits to help you stop working

87 Decline meetings that interrupt your most productive hours

88 Wear comfortable athletic shoes

89 Make a not-to-do list

90 Host smaller meetings

91 Take time out to exercise

92 Monitor your time

93 Listen to music

94 Get a plant

95 Identify your personal work patterns

96 Figure out your 2 peak hours

97 Focus on one goal at a time

98 Throw stuff away and declutter

99 Find a method for delegating and following-up

100 Create a proactive dashboard

101 Be accountable to another person

102 Pick one task and then do it

103 Follow the 2 pizza rule for meetings

104 Group similar tasks together

105 Get all warm and cuddly

106 Schedule email checking

107 Create a rewards system

108 Meditate

109 Get enough sleep and get up early

110 Build rest and rewards into your schedule

111 Find your productivity golden hours

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