48 Ways to be concentrated while studying

1 Get comfortable with a routine

2 Take a short break

3 Eliminate pointless distractions

4 Exercise (your body)

5 Practice mindfulness

6 Monitor your progress

7 Divide up + space out study sessions

8 Make a plan

9 Try the pomodoro technique

10 Find a suitable environment

11 Find a suitable environment that motivates you to study

12 Make your study space portable

13 Memorize stuff

14 Chew some gum

15 Set small daily goals

16 Stay away from social media

17 Take a deep breath when youre about to get distracted

18 Eat a healthy diet

19 Drink plenty of water and eat well

20 Harness the power of technology for good

21 Remove all distracting things

22 Think of an incentive

23 Study with other like-minded people

24 Prioritize your schedule

25 Avoid multitasking

26 Focus on one thing at a time

27 Get enough sleep

28 Reward yourself at the end of each study session

29 Organise your work environment

30 Allow time for distractions

31 Grab some coffee

32 Understand where your focus needs to be

33 Create an hourly-work plan

34 Explain the benefits

35 Dont get distracted by social media

36 Dont do all-nighters, you will regret it!

37 Remove all distractions before studying

38 Make a study timetable

39 Sniff peppermint

40 Choose your music wisely

41 Protect your focus blocks

42 Defend your rest

43 Make focus your lifestyle

44 Give your mind more to do

45 Find the best tools

46 Focus on skills, not grades

47 Schedule downtime

48 Write weekly, monthly, yearly reviews + adapt

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