30 Ways to be more self reliant

1 Plant and grow a garden

2 Get to know yourself

3 Take care of your health

4 Raise a few small backyard animals

5 Learn to take care of your own feelings and emotions

6 Ditch your debt

7 Health care

8 Maintain feelings of self-reliance

9 Consider a wood-burning stove

10 Reduce your energy consumption

11 Self-understanding

12 Create a homestead right where you are

13 Be more assertive

14 Rainwater collection

15 Build a fire

16 Make your own soaps

17 Bake bread – the staple of life, bread

18 Positive mental attitude is your best survival tool

19 Encourage your children to try tasks on their own

20 Model responsibility and self reliance

21 Be a good support system

22 Get them involved with household responsibilities

23 I understand completely

24 Learn to make your own adult beverages

25 Shelter

26 Water

27 Energy

28 Store water long-term

29 Organize and rotate a long-term food pantry

30 Search for

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