26 Ways to be in control of your emotions

1 Identify your emotions

2 Frustration

3 Distance yourself

4 Be direct and confident

5 Take a breather

6 Identify what you are feeling

7 See the bigger picture

8 Make a plan

9 Meditate regularly

10 Name your feelings

11 Get curious about the message this emotion is offering you

12 Stay grounded

13 Seek professional help

14 Take a pause

15 Practice meditation

16 Learn to respond instead of react

17 Put it in perspective

18 Control your thoughts

19 Ground yourself

20 Breathe like a navy seal

21 Buy yourself time before you respond

22 Understand you and your partners dynamic

23 Take a deep breath

24 Know when to express yourself

25 Give yourself some space

26 I can change the way i feel

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