37 Ways to be more feminine

1 Fix your hair

2 Go into nature

3 Wear perfume

4 Creativity

5 Take care of your hygiene

6 Dress in a girly style

7 Respect yourself

8 Dress attractively to be more sexy

9 Be more feminine by softening your masculine behaviours

10 Work on understanding your emotions

11 Connect to your body

12 Embrace a confident attitude

13 Smile

14 Connect with your intuition

15 Light some candles

16 Love yourself!

17 Use mild floral and fruity fragrances

18 Create something

19 Develop a right attitude to look feminine

20 Wear dresses and skirts for simple feminine fashion

21 Learn the art of conversation

22 Be open to meaningful conversations

23 Have a playful side

24 Get outside

25 Go swimming

26 Slow down & connect

27 Try feminine hairstyles

28 I really need to learn how to sew

29 Add beauty for the sake of beauty

30 Love your unique beauty

31 Slow down

32 Connect to the sacredness of your body

33 Hone your emotional expression

34 Value spontaneity and play

35 Force yourself to transform

36 Use makeup and cosmetic products

37 Trust your judgement

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