71 Ways to be more creative

1 Make time for new ideas

2 Go for a walk

3 Brainstorming

4 Sleep on it

5 Take a break

6 Brainstorm new ideas

7 Let yourself daydream

8 Learn new things

9 Get started

10 Listen to music

11 Do the 30 circle test

12 Do yoga and meditate

13 Give yourself deadlines

14 Try a new skill

15 Make time to relax

16 Make time for creativity

17 Keep an idea journal

18 Play a game

19 Start conducting stand-up meetings

20 Get out of your comfort zone

21 Test and experiment

22 Go to your happy place

23 Let yourself be bored

24 Use mind maps

25 Do something that raises your heart rate

26 Take a break from the mundane

27 Reverse brainstorming

28 Role-play

29 Restrict yourself

30 Make sure to reflect upon the creative process

31 Create innovation teams

32 Play with ideas

33 Get inspired by kids play areas and creative play

34 Make something with your hands

35 Engage and encourage your team

36 Go to a movie

37 Stimulate different areas of your brain

38 Take a shower in the middle of the day

39 Find your muse

40 Visit your customers more frequently

41 Bring in a little background noise

42 Go green or blue

43 Reframe your way of thinking

44 Hang out with other creative people

45 Make things moveable

46 Do some physical activity

47 Connect to your inner child

48 Use dim lighting

49 Teach an art or design class

50 Foster an open, creative work environment

51 Develop a creative ritual

52 Schedule your creative time

53 Get out of the office

54 Comment

55 Clarify your values

56 Take pictures

57 Dont be afraid to fail

58 Admire surrealism

59 Balance order and chaos

60 Take a mini cruise

61 Catalina express now boarding

62 Romantic gondola ride

63 Visit a lush garden

64 Break your routine

65 Seek out creative peers

66 Journal / doodle

67 Change the colors of your surroundings

68 Exercise without distraction

69 Be prepared to toss your best ideas

70 Embrace boredom

71 Play dance dance revolution

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