69 Ways to be more creative in life

1 Try new things

2 Walk

3 Put new ideas in

4 Be open to new experiences

5 Creativity can make you more productive

6 Let yourself daydream

7 Hang out with other creative people

8 Play

9 Do the 30 circle test

10 Just begin

11 Do yoga

12 Brainstorming

13 Take a break

14 Relax your mind

15 Give yourself deadlines

16 Listen to stimulating music

17 Enjoy yourself

18 Draw an abstract symbol that best represents the problem

19 Spend time outside

20 Reverse brainstorming

21 Make the strange familiar

22 Make something with your hands

23 Watch a movie

24 Sit next to a box

25 Laugh a little

26 Think of things differently

27 Restrict yourself

28 Work with others on projects

29 Let them see it is okay to take risks

30 Get out of your comfort zone

31 Drink lots of coffee

32 Find your muse

33 Ask more questions

34 Have a ritual

35 Bring in a little background noise

36 Hand-write a letter

37 Build a growth mindset

38 Have some booze

39 Schedule your creative time

40 Change your daily routines

41 Go green or blue

42 Use the power of silence

43 Learn a new skill

44 Take a nap

45 Use dim lighting

46 Connect to your inner child

47 Be persistent and prolific

48 Make time for creativity

49 Get inspired by kids play areas and creative play

50 Diving and swimming

51 Ask for another persons insight

52 Gesture with two hands

53 Drink alcohol

54 Move your eyes

55 Play dance dance revolution

56 Keep track of opportunities

57 Stretch

58 Go to a conference

59 Never stop learning

60 Switch hands

61 Spend time in nature

62 Overcome a negative attitude

63 Consider alternative scenarios

64 Eat healthy

65 Take pictures

66 Enroll in a class

67 Watch a ted talk or listen to a podcast

68 Balance order and chaos

69 Share your photos on social media

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