24 Ways to be there for your partner

1 Express respect and appreciation

2 Ask for what you need

3 Convey honesty and trust

4 Provide space

5 Listen

6 Date night

7 Try something new

8 Do something unexpected for her

9 Change up how you initiate sex

10 Check in with them

11 Cook them a meal

12 Respond to your partner

13 Turn it into a date

14 Passive constructive response

15 Tell them what you need from them

16 Be supportive

17 Write them a love note

18 Spend time with your friends

19 Hold her hand in public

20 Make sure youre taking care of yourself, too

21 Open the door for her

22 Go shopping with her

23 Pray with her

24 Be open to adjusting your usual roles in the relationship

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