27 Ways to be nice

1 Pleased to meet you

2 Give a sincere compliment

3 Be encouraging

4 Smile

5 Be kinder to yourself

6 Make your s

7 Just listen

8 Ich mag deine schuhe

9 Acknowledge the positive

10 Send her to get a manicure/pedicure

11 Leave a generous tip for a pleasant waiter

12 Expect nothing

13 I had a great time

14 Write her a love note

15 Be mindful of how you treat others

16 Make dinner for a family in need

17 Set self-care goals

18 Recommend someone your favorite book/movie

19 Be courteous, polite, and helpful

20 Compliment her on something specific

21 Thank you, please, and more

22 Take care of yourself

23 Ihre kinder sind so schn

24 Be your authentic self

25 Vague but effective

26 Take a chance

27 Buy flowers to hand out on the street

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