103 Ways to be more productive

1 Reduce distractions

2 Take a break

3 Prioritize your tasks

4 Establish a daily routine

5 Stop trying to multi-task

6 Wake up early

7 Focus on one thing at a time

8 Break up big tasks into smaller components

9 Turn off notifications

10 Follow the 80/20 rule

11 Go to bed early

12 Take breaks (yes, seriously)

13 Set realistic goals

14 Dont multitask

15 Set your schedule

16 Make a to-do list

17 Make use of your commute time

18 Use the pomodoro technique

19 Eliminate unnecessary distractions

20 Say no to things

21 Batch your tasks

22 Learn how to say no

23 Delegate tasks

24 Ask for help!

25 Stay organized

26 Get some natural light

27 Do the hardest things first

28 Silence your phone

29 Try a change of scenery

30 Get enough sleep

31 Stop…

32 Set goals!

33 Set small goals for the tasks

34 Eat your breakfast

35 Prioritize your most important tasks first

36 Time block your schedule

37 Get off social media

38 Set deadlines for yourself

39 Use productivity tools

40 Learn something new

41 Sleep a little more

42 Plan your weeks on a friday

43 Know yourself and your habits

44 Drink some (or a lot of) water

45 Tackle your challenging tasks before lunch

46 Slow down to go faster

47 Learn from successes as well as mistakes

48 Get moving!

49 Automate where possible

50 Get a healthy balance of stress and rest

51 Do your most dreaded tasks first

52 Plan and prepare your meals

53 Use shortcuts to be more productive

54 Demand a deadline

55 Maintain a clean work environment

56 Create a dedicated workspace

57 Organize, organize, organize

58 Prepare your meals the night before

59 Go to bed early and get enough sleep

60 Define priorities

61 Wake up earlier

62 Break down your tasks into smaller steps

63 Start with the big picture

64 Look at a picture of a baby animal

65 Drink caffeine (in moderation)

66 Eliminate unnecessary communication

67 Follow the two-minute rule

68 Prepare for the next day

69 Start the night before for a productive day

70 Take advantage of your commute

71 Keep your desk/home office/studio/whatever nice and tidy

72 Create a calendar system that works for you

73 Take a brain dump

74 Limit information

75 Get out of your own way

76 Give yourself small rewards for completing big tasks

77 Take regular breaks

78 Know where your time goes

79 Use different kinds of lists

80 Reward yourself

81 Make your bedroom a tech-free zone

82 Find your productivity golden hours

83 Manage your workflow with clickup

84 Race the clock

85 Keep a to-do list

86 Make a not-to-do list

87 Host smaller meetings

88 Sync it

89 Pick up the phone

90 Power down

91 Use your morning to focus on yourself

92 Stop waiting for perfect conditions to launch a great project

93 Understand the needs, behaviors, and schedules of employees

94 Identify your personal work patterns

95 Figure out your 2 peak hours

96 Focus on one goal at a time

97 Throw stuff away and declutter

98 Find a method for delegating and following-up

99 Create a proactive dashboard

100 Be accountable to another person

101 Pick one task and then do it

102 Follow the 2 pizza rule for meetings

103 Group similar tasks together

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