51 Ways to be a more productive person

1 Eliminate distractions

2 Stop multi-tasking

3 Take a break

4 Follow the 80/20 rule

5 Ask for help!

6 Avoid multitasking

7 Go for a stroll

8 Stay positive

9 Plan ahead

10 Get some natural light

11 Stop striving for perfection!

12 Go to bed early and get enough sleep

13 Turn off phone notifications

14 Try a change of scenery

15 Practice the pomodoro technique

16 Stop…

17 Learn from successes as well as mistakes

18 Turn off social media

19 Tackle the most challenging task first

20 Prep your day the evening before

21 Establish goals

22 Reward yourself for completing tasks

23 Schedule your email and social media checking

24 Develop a consistent morning routine

25 Cultivate deep work

26 Create a pleasant work environment

27 Get a healthy balance of stress and rest

28 Use your peak morning hours for you most productive work

29 Tackle your challenging tasks before lunch

30 Get a good nights sleep, if you can

31 Listen to productivity podcasts

32 Read

33 Conquer procrastination

34 Add something green to your workspace dcor

35 Prioritize and do triage

36 Use your morning to focus on yourself

37 I prioritize sleep

38 Identify your personal work patterns

39 Set small goals for the tasks

40 Figure out your 2 peak hours

41 Focus on one goal at a time

42 Throw stuff away and declutter

43 Find a method for delegating and following-up

44 Create a proactive dashboard

45 Be accountable to another person

46 Pick one task and then do it

47 Follow the 2 pizza rule for meetings

48 Group similar tasks together

49 Get all warm and cuddly

50 Keep a master calendar

51 Make your bedroom a tech-free zone

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