32 Ways to be a better speaker

1 Engage your audience

2 Practice, practice, practice

3 Be yourself

4 Know your audience inside and out

5 Prepare

6 Keep it simple

7 Good ted talks spark inspiration

8 Be realistic

9 Tell stories

10 Credibility

11 Stop using filler words

12 Begin with presence

13 Enhance your visuals and audio

14 Say it in front of a mirror

15 Demonstrate passion

16 Write it down

17 Make it interactive

18 Think about body language

19 Record yourself speaking

20 Consider volume

21 Remember speaking is not about you

22 Focus on your topic, not your performance

23 Listen, listen, listen

24 Leverage the power of silence

25 Start on time

26 Pity the readers

27 Get to the point

28 Be concise

29 Speak in images

30 Do it with thought and care

31 Observe these nonverbal signals when listening to people

32 Make things easy

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