45 Ways to be a better leader

1 Keep a positive attitude

2 Understand your leadership style

3 Be decisive and confident

4 Offer rewards and recognition

5 Engage in honest, open communication

6 Encourage creativity and contributions

7 Know your strengths

8 Be passionate

9 Enable the success of others

10 Learn to listen

11 Lead by example

12 Practice effective communication

13 Be compassionate and accepting

14 Communicate and listen

15 Decisiveness

16 Create a culture of transparency

17 Have a mentor

18 Serve as a role model

19 Solicit feedback

20 Motivate your followers

21 Be part of the team

22 Look at the big picture

23 Set concrete goals and execute them

24 Motivate your team

25 Become an excellent communicator

26 Start early

27 Become a good storyteller

28 Journaling

29 Value curiosity and learning

30 Deal with it! bible point

31 Leverage your team

32 Ensure that tasks are understood, supervised and completed

33 Encourage personal and professional growth

34 Teach employees instead of giving orders

35 Give direct feedback about performance

36 Be open to new ideas

37 Understand your own motivation

38 T

39 M

40 R

41 J

42 Judge et al

43 L

44 D

45 Manzoni and barsoux, the set-up-to-fail syndrome

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