46 Ways to be good to others

1 Give a compliment

2 Show kindness

3 Be kind to yourself!

4 Give blood

5 Be understanding – assume the best in others

6 Listen carefully

7 Honesty

8 Appreciation

9 Donate to a cause

10 Help others

11 Be happy for others

12 Say please and thank you

13 Tell them the truth

14 Take the time to listen to someone

15 Become a mentor

16 Accept them for who they are

17 Practice compassion and kindness

18 Be nicer to the environment

19 Focus on the long-term instead of the short-term

20 Give a stranger a compliment

21 Remember to take care of yourself

22 Take a break

23 Consider meditation

24 Smile and laugh

25 Make self-care a priority

26 Start with yourself

27 Stop comparing yourself to others

28 Respond quickly

29 Believe in them and give them hope

30 Practice forgiveness

31 Respect others and their opinions

32 Recommend someone your favorite book/movie

33 Tip often and tip generously

34 Dont be critical

35 Ask for help when you need it

36 Start each morning with positive affirmations

37 Make dinner for a family in need

38 Be a source of positivity on social media

39 Comment on their emotions

40 Open-mindedness

41 Keep expectations realistic

42 Never assume you know what people are thinking or feeling

43 Turn your negative thoughts into positive ones

44 Share

45 Tutor someone

46 Dont use your intelligence to belittle others

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