55 Ways to be productive in the morning

1 Eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast

2 Wake up early

3 Prepare for your day the night before

4 Plan ahead

5 Minimize distractions

6 Prep your day the evening before

7 Display gratitude

8 Have a routine morning exercise

9 Get up and dressed

10 Drink a glass of water

11 Get some exercise

12 Make your bed

13 Sip on some warm water with lemon

14 Get a good nights sleep

15 Go to bed early

16 Stretch

17 Focus on one thing at a time

18 Eat the frog for a productive day

19 Have breakfast

20 Eat a wholesome breakfast

21 Pick out clothes the night before

22 Journaling

23 Plan for the day ahead

24 Create a morning routine to focus your mind

25 Dont hit the snooze!

26 Eat and drink smart

27 Schedule your day

28 Exercise before work

29 Meditation and stillness

30 Set intentions for your productive day

31 Manage your time

32 Use the pomodoro technique

33 Get outside in the sun

34 Hydrate!

35 Creating your morning ritual

36 Network with your coffee

37 Tackle the most important tasks first

38 Exercise and stretching

39 Set your clothes up for the next day

40 Read a book

41 Wake up next to natural light

42 Minimize your decisions

43 Cut the distractions

44 Save time for exercise

45 Enjoy some quiet time

46 Impose a gadget ban

47 Commit to consistency

48 Create balance

49 Protip

50 Treat yourself to a steam bath

51 Plan your weeks on a friday

52 Reward yourself for finishing

53 Wake up refreshed

54 Give yourself something to look forward to

55 Make your commute matter

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