78 Ways to be productive working from home

1 Create a designated workspace

2 Stay focused

3 Keep regular work hours

4 Minimize distractions

5 Get dressed

6 Define boundaries

7 Take a break

8 Create and stick to a schedule

9 Get the right tools for the job

10 Create a workspace

11 Set your schedule

12 Start your day right

13 Stay connected with your team members

14 Stay healthy

15 Develop a morning routine

16 Stay connected

17 Get off social media

18 Keep your work and personal spaces separate

19 Create a routine

20 Make a prioritized to-do list every day

21 Have set work hours

22 Track your time

23 Set a personal routine and stick to it

24 Take a real lunch break (no skipping!)

25 Set goals & reward yourself

26 Schedule regular breaks

27 Create a to-do list

28 Get some noise-canceling headphones

29 Avoid multitasking

30 Practice good self-care

31 Distance yourself from distractions

32 Designate an office space

33 I established a schedule adhering to my regular routine

34 Turn off personal notifications

35 Plan your day/week ahead

36 Set your priorities

37 Designate certain daysof the week for certain kinds of work

38 Interact with other humans

39 Keep a consistent sleep schedule

40 Dont dive into work the moment you wake up

41 I play music in the background

42 Get out and socialize

43 Say thank you a lot

44 Change to a work-ready attire

45 Protect your work-life balance

46 Keep work time and personal time separate

47 Invest in comfy and ergonomic office furniture

48 Establish a virtual office space

49 Check your email at designated times

50 Get some fresh air and, ideally, some exercise

51 Use work-management applications

52 Prepare a comfortable working space

53 Take a stroll during lunch break

54 Get dressed in the morning

55 Observe the 20-20-20 rule

56 Time management know when to clock out

57 Recognize your distractions

58 Dress like you are at work

59 Create structure and schedule for the kids

60 Structure your day like normal

61 Automate as much as you can

62 Communicate with your team

63 Prepare your meals the night before

64 Be transparent

65 Create an eating plan

66 Avoid working from bed

67 Adjust the sound

68 Create a set office

69 Try to stay positive

70 Fight the urge to multitask

71 Break up the day

72 Create an at-home office

73 Be your own janitor

74 Tune in to inspiration

75 Stay in the loop

76 Experiment with different workspaces too

77 Ignore the dirty dishes

78 Take intermittent breaks

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