68 Ways to be productive while working from home

1 Stay focused

2 Create a designated workspace

3 Maintain regular hours

4 Designate a workspace

5 Minimize distractions

6 Start your day right

7 Create and maintain a morning routine

8 Take a break

9 Get dressed

10 Stick to a schedule (as much as possible)

11 Set a schedule

12 Stay connected with your colleagues

13 Establish a routine

14 Make sure you have the right tools in place

15 Sound canceling headphones

16 Limit distractions

17 Set time boundaries

18 Use a designated workspace

19 Create a dedicated workspace

20 Get ready for your work day

21 Set a personal routine and stick to it

22 Create a work space

23 Create a to-do list

24 Make a prioritized to-do list every day

25 Take regularly scheduled breaks

26 Stick to your work hours

27 Structure your day and prioritize

28 Stay engaged at work, even from home

29 Stay informed, not overwhelmed

30 Try to track every hour – see what happens

31 Designate an official home workspace

32 Keep your workspace and personal space separate

33 Must-have tools to improve your productivity

34 Maintain consistent working hours

35 Stay connected with others

36 Start the day properly

37 Dont dive into work the moment you wake up

38 Stay off social media

39 Do your tasks in batches

40 I change into work clothes

41 Dress like you are going to work

42 Log off!

43 Get started early

44 Dont strive to work 8 hours/day, 5 days/week

45 Check your email at designated times

46 Use project management tools

47 Leave the house

48 Find a good spot to do your work

49 Take a stroll during lunch break

50 Track and gamify your productivity

51 Stick to your morning routine

52 Socialize and engage

53 Learn something new

54 Invest in comfy and ergonomic office furniture

55 Emphasize communication with your colleagues

56 Stay healthy

57 Create effective communication strategies

58 Protect your work-life balance

59 Keep your focus

60 Keep a consistent routine

61 Stop working at a designated time

62 Set clear expectations

63 Step outside

64 Find the right tools/tech stack to keep you on track

65 Get a mentor

66 Be flexible and realistic

67 Use technology in your favour

68 Set boundaries with roommates and family members

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