66 Ways to be more effective

1 Set clear goals

2 Offer rewards and recognition

3 Take a break

4 Ask questions

5 Give each other feedback

6 Get rid of distractions

7 Trust yourself

8 Start and stop on time

9 Provide an enjoyable working environment

10 Listen and learn

11 Stop multi-tasking

12 Hold standing meetings

13 Compliment your employees

14 Respect the need for silence

15 Prioritize your most important tasks first

16 Show your appreciation

17 Have a positive attitude

18 Ask for constructive feedback

19 Get out of your own way

20 Give your team the right tools

21 Build on your strengths

22 Plan to plan

23 Keep a consistent time frame

24 Empower and inspire others

25 Use resource management software

26 Dont be afraid to make adjustments

27 Effective internal communication can lift employee engagement

28 Build the connection between the team members

29 Improve workplace conditions

30 Be consistent

31 Refrain from offering unwanted advice

32 Drink sufficient water and stay well-hydrated

33 Pay attention to body language

34 Use active listening skills

35 Become an early riser

36 Determine whether the meeting really is necessary

37 Be flexible and willing to

38 Know your team members strengths and weaknesses

39 Provide clear information

40 Stop…

41 Give credit where credit is due

42 Have fewer meetings

43 Dont combine a kn95 or an n95 with another mask

44 Create a routine you love

45 Reframe the narrative

46 Talk to yourself differently

47 Give them incentives

48 Eliminate excess

49 Investigate underperformance issues

50 Identify your personal work patterns

51 Set small goals for the tasks

52 Figure out your 2 peak hours

53 Focus on one goal at a time

54 Throw stuff away and declutter

55 Find a method for delegating and following-up

56 Create a proactive dashboard

57 Be accountable to another person

58 Pick one task and then do it

59 Ask for help

60 Get sunlight

61 Group similar tasks together

62 Get all warm and cuddly

63 Put the team first

64 Be positive and respectful

65 Try a walking meeting

66 Encourage people to make contributions

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