63 Ways to learn to love yourself

1 Be thankful

2 Know yourself

3 Be gentle with yourself

4 Forgive yourself for your mistakes

5 Self-care

6 Trust yourself

7 Forgive

8 Take care of your body, too

9 Stop comparing yourself with others

10 Take a break

11 Get around people who love you for who you are

12 Surround yourself with positivity

13 Have fun

14 Write yourself a letter

15 Learn how to love yourself by saying no to others

16 Let go of your past

17 Ask for help when you need it

18 Acknowledge your feelings

19 Stop criticizing yourself

20 Try new activities, pursue a hobby

21 Stand up for yourself

22 Start a gratitude journal

23 Show compassion for yourself

24 Write down your success stories

25 Try something new

26 Get to know yourself more

27 Be loving to your negatives

28 Make a list of your accomplishments

29 Start now

30 Remember that you are loved

31 Do mirror work

32 Become your own best friend

33 Keep promises to yourself

34 Find something at which you excel

35 Focus on your successes

36 Create a list of the things you love about yourself

37 Be kind to others

38 Get plenty of sleep

39 Give yourself credit where credit is due

40 Express yourself

41 Get out there and exercise

42 Think and take time to yourself

43 Surround yourself with joy

44 Step out of your comfort zone

45 Shift your mindset

46 Allow yourself some downtime

47 Do the things that are good for you

48 Celebrate your success

49 Practice daily affirmations

50 Congratulate yourself

51 Be intentional about your actions

52 Improve your skill set

53 Buddy up

54 Make it an appointment

55 Want the run

56 Give yourself a treat

57 Work on forgiving yourself for the bigger stuff

58 Make fun a priority

59 Pursue a hobby

60 Enjoy your own company

61 …and that goes for nutrition off the plate as well

62 Stay home when needed

63 Spend time outside

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