55 Ways to effectively learn new things

1 Successful teachers enjoy their work

2 Teach what you learn

3 Read

4 Practice, practice, practice

5 Develop confidence

6 Listen to music

7 Yoga

8 Put yourself to the test

9 Communication

10 Make study time a part of your daily routine

11 Learn a new language

12 Avoid multitasking

13 Successful teachers have clear objectives

14 Make use of pictures

15 Sleep

16 Curiosity

17 Understand how you learn best

18 Teach other people what youve learned

19 Ask for feedback

20 Use the leitner system

21 Work it out

22 Connect new information to something you already know

23 Understanding of technology

24 Aromatherapy, plants and music

25 Improve your time management skills

26 Change it up

27 Take breaks (and rewards!)

28 Take notes by hand, instead of using your laptop

29 Listen to more music

30 Get the right (concrete) content

31 Put your learning style to conscious use

32 Use mind maps

33 Self-discipline

34 Make a commitment

35 Write it down

36 Catch up on your sleep

37 Reading

38 Recognize your own personal interests and goals

39 Lack of purpose

40 Keep a diary or journal

41 Break down what youre learning into manageable chunks

42 Meditate

43 Eat polyunsaturated fatty acids

44 Schedule your time

45 Talk to yourself whenever possible

46 Make your study space portable

47 Code everyday

48 Ability to assess employees

49 Use the 20-hour rule

50 Collaboration

51 Recitation

52 Create a mnemonic device

53 Auditory learners

54 Exercise before studying

55 Consolidate notes soon after the lecture

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