72 Ways to be calm and relaxed all the time

1 Practice mindfulness meditation

2 Focus on your breath

3 Use breathing techniques

4 Massage your hands

5 Write it all down

6 Go for a stroll

7 Chomp some chewing gum

8 Sniff some flowers

9 Try aromatherapy

10 Get enough sleep

11 Stay calm

12 Make a plan

13 Take a warm shower or bath

14 Eat healthily

15 Do something fun and creative

16 Listen to music

17 Trust yourself

18 Practice yoga and meditation

19 Use a calming visualization

20 Journaling

21 Limit your caffeine and alcohol intake

22 Get them moving

23 Tense and relax the muscles in your torso

24 Get some sleep

25 Compassion for others

26 Do mindfulness exercises

27 Use visualization techniques

28 Do something kind for someone else

29 Listen to some soothing music

30 Engage in small acts of kindness

31 Clearly identify your feelings

32 Make good use of this opportunity

33 Eat a good breakfast (or lunch)

34 Watch or read something that makes you laugh

35 Emphasise positive self-talk

36 Worry never works

37 Let go of what you cant control

38 Sit up straight

39 Get it on

40 Look at a happy photo

41 Focus on the positive

42 Be patient

43 Hit the pause button

44 Chillax with some chocolate

45 Help yourself to a little honey

46 Go tropical

47 Crunch and munch

48 Get your head below your heart

49 Give yourself a squeeze

50 Say your abcs backward

51 Visualize what you want or need

52 Close your peepers

53 Try acupressure

54 Roll a tennis ball under your feet

55 Take your frustration out on a stress ball

56 Splash cold water on your face

57 Massage your scalp

58 Find some alone time

59 Zen out and zone out

60 Get some rays

61 Stare out the window

62 Wrangle clutter

63 Put your feet up

64 Stretch it out

65 Get your heart rate up

66 Do a crossword puzzle

67 Sniff citrus

68 Brew some beans

69 Cuddle with a furry friend

70 Laugh

71 Talk to a pal

72 Start planning some time off

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