68 Ways to be nice to yourself

1 Give yourself a massage

2 Be grateful

3 Buy yourself flowers

4 Give yourself some fun rewards

5 Be kind to yourself

6 Take a nap

7 Acknowledge the positive

8 Do yoga

9 Know yourself

10 Pay attention to compliments

11 Set self-care goals

12 Treat yourself to a day of pampering

13 Go for a stroll

14 Listen to a postive podcast

15 Take a break

16 Go for a walk or hike

17 Focus on kindness and helping others

18 Try a new workout class

19 Dance

20 Get outside

21 Call a friend

22 Take a break from technology

23 Buy art supplies and create a piece of art

24 Drink lots of water

25 Have a cup of tea (or coffee)

26 Attend a book reading

27 Forgiveness

28 Let it go

29 Ask for help when you need it

30 Take a personal day

31 Foster healthy relationships

32 Head to the movies

33 Get some sleep already

34 Smile like you mean it

35 Eat foods that nourish…and that you enjoy

36 Give money to a cause that you care about

37 Breathe first

38 Go for a hug

39 Take a walk in the park

40 Surround yourself with people who bring you up

41 Take the day off and do whatever you want

42 Change your critical self-talk

43 Snuggle or pet your cat or dog

44 Make your favorite dessert

45 Play like a kid

46 Learn more about what self-compassion is

47 Read an uplifting book or magazine

48 Act with integrity

49 Stop comparing yourself

50 Set healthy boundaries

51 Follow your heart

52 Breathe the right scents

53 Eat more fruits and veggies

54 Unplug

55 Get out of town

56 Pour yourself into a new hobby

57 Reconnect with nature

58 Plan or take staycation or vacation

59 Stay in your robe

60 Buy a new candle

61 Have a potluck night with friends

62 Make a nice yourself a lovely brunch

63 Smile more often every day

64 If you stumble, be your own best friend

65 Take a laugh-break

66 Remember, the future is still in your hands

67 Soften the voice of the inner critic

68 Find your happy place

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