14 Ways to make money from user testing

Bad experiences on websites and apps, and in the real world, are'nt just frustrating for customers, they're costing companies millions of dollars a year. Companies will pay good money for objective third-party reviews of their website.

Making money by become a test user is one of the many ways to make money online. Since you do not really visit a physical location, just websites on the internet, it is also a great way to make money from home. The focus of this topic is user testing on the web, but there are other avenues that you can make money by testing products in the comforts of your home.

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1 Usertesting

User testing Get $10 via PayPal for every 20-minute video you complete. UserTesting pays you to visit websites or apps, complete a set of tasks, and speak your thoughts aloud.

2 Enroll

With Enroll, you can take user tests on any device - phones, tablets, desktops - whatever you prefer! Collect badges to show off to your friends and get compensated for each test conveniently via PayPal.

3 Startup lift

At Start Up Lift, startups provide their website URL and assign tasks that they would like you to perform/complete and provide responses. You visit the website, complete assigned tasks, share your thoughts and provide insightful written responses. You will be paid $5 for every feedback accepted.

4 Testing time

Testing Time tests can be done from home via Skype or in-person with the client. You will get up to 50 Euros per study.

5 Try my ui

TryMyUI All you have to do as a tester is to be yourself - use the test website exactly as you would in a real-life situation, and voice your thoughts and frustrations out loud so the site developers can understand your experience and others like you. You will be paid $10 for each test you take; a typical test lasts approximately 20 minutes. ]

6 Userfeel

Userfeel Get paid $10 for each test you take.

7 Userlytics

Userlytics Get paid to provide valuable usability feedback on websites, applications, prototypes, concepts and much more!

8 Userzoom

UserZoom Payment depends on the complexity of the study. For studies that record your think out loud audio and video, you can expect to make $10 on average. For standard surveys, the payment is $5 on average. Most studies take an average of 10-20 minutes.

9 Validately


10 Whatusersdo

WhatUsersDo Receive an invitation via email whenever a test is available. Get paid via PayPal on the 25th of each month. Take between 3-5 tests per month, earning 8 GBP per test. The better that you complete the tasks requested, the more tests that you will be offered

11 Analysia

Analysia You will be asked to read some instructions and complete task on a website, this session will be recorded, your screen and audio will be saved. It typcically takes about 15 minutes. You will get paid 10$ for each test via Paypal.

12 Utest

uTest They provide free courses to come up to speed on user testing. They match projects to those testers who meet specific customer criteria.

13 Uxline

Uxline Test in remote or face to websites and apps in desktop , mobile and tablet. They include screen recording, voice and face of the user clicks.

14 Amazon mechanical turk

Amazon mechanical Turk

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