24 Ways to make money by testing products

Companies launch new products all the time and they need testers to make sure it meets customer criteria. There are many benefits of being a product tester:

This is one of the many ways to make money from home. Not only that, in some case, you can do it wherever you are: at home, in the office, at the beach, on a walk anywhere!

The key is to be honest and never rush through the process of taking the survey at the end of the product test. If you do not offer quality surveys and if the companies become suspicious of your integrity, you will be banned from the program in the future.

The companies that offer products for testing, generally pay via Paypal, cash, gift cards or even free merchandise. These opportunities do not often present themselves, and mostly arise during new product launches, so it makes sense to sign up as soon as you spot one.

1 Mysoapbox

MySoapBox is a great site for making money providing feedback and opinion on the products that you use everyday. People have reported making $150 just to test some coffee.

2 Survey junkie

Survey Junkie is actually one of the many ways to get paid to take surveys. You need to complete your profile and Survey Junkie automatically matches you to the products that you should be testing. You can redeem your earned points via Paypal or e-Giftcards. They have over 5 million users and seem legit.

3 Productreportcard

ProductReportCard is similar to Survey Junkie and enables you to redeem via Paypal, Amazon gift codes and also free products.

4 Toluna panel

Toluna Panel is also a platform for you to express your thoughts and opinions that you create directly on Toluna. You are allowed to embed the polls and opinions, that you create on Toluna, on your personal blog or website. The surveys and questionnaires typically last 15-20 minutes of your time. They pay via gift-cards, vouchers, sweepstakes for new gadgets, and even cold hard cash.

5 Opinion outpost

Opinion Output has been around for many years. You can earn money and other rewards for your time participating in online surveys regarding new products and services.

6 I-say panel

I-say Panel is powered by Ipsos, a leading global market research company. Founded in 1975, Ipsos is the third largest survey-based research firm in the world with more than 15,000 employees in more than 80 countries worldwide. i-say provides you with a forum to voice your opinions and give feedback that is then directly shared with the people and companies capable of affecting change.

7 National consumer panel

National Consumer Panel (NCP) Reward yourself for sharing your opinions with NCP. Joining their panel gives you the forum to tell brands what you think based on what you buy so they can improve the shopping experience for everyone. You are awarded points for each week you participate on the panel and the longer you participate the higher the point value you receive. You will also earn entries into a variety of sweepstakes that are held weekly, monthly, and quarterly. The quarterly Grand Prize drawing is worth $20,000!

8 Swagbucks

Swagbucks enables you to make money not just by testing products, but also by taking surveys, and being part of focus groups. It is also one of the many ways to make money by getting cashback from your regular shopping. They pay by cash or giftcards.

9 Yougov

YouGov is a community of 4+ million people around the world who share their views on life. They are a opinion seeking platform for individuals, companies and governments. They interview thousands of customers everyday and their products such as BrandIndex measures the public perceptions of thousands of brands across dozens of sectors.

10 Mysurvey

MySurvey offers products such as foods, beauty products, and household items to test. Interesting, they also provide cell phones every few weeks to test and record tasks on them. If you can join focus groups, then you can earn even more.

11 Globaltesmarket

Global Test Market mostly provides household items for testing. They have been around since 1999, and do not share your contact information directly with their clients. All transactions happen on their LightSpeed GMI platform.

12 Pinecone research panel

Pinecone Research Panel pays $3 per survey via Paypal, instantly. You need to sign up, but they are an invitation only panel, and survey spots fill up rather quickly.

13 Valued opinions

Valued Opinions offers many ways to earn money doing tests on beauty products, perfumes, lotions, among many other products. You submit surveys through their mobile app or desktop site.

14 Opinionplus panel

OpinionPlus Panel is an alternative to Valued Opinions and offers similar kinds of products and surveys. They pay via Paypal once you have earned $100.

15 Mindfield online

MindField Online offers a lot of baby products for testing, so might be a good option for people who recently became parents.

16 Acop

ACOP offers products for testing and also provides access high paying focus groups. They pay by cash, paypal and tango gift cards. Their average survey takes 10 minutes to complete and questions are usually easy.

17 Ipoll

iPoll gives $5 for just signing up. Become become a app-oriented market research company, they were known as SurveyHead Panel. They pay by Paypal and gift cards.

18 Askgfk

AskGFK is another alternative online panel company. You join their online research community and are rewarded with points for your opinions, which can be redeemed for great rewards. As with most other online panels, they value your privacy and keep all personal information confidential. Since you are one among hundred, if not thousands, of testers for a product, your identity stays anonymous.

19 Bzzagent

BzzAgent offers a wide variety of free items for the products that you test. They do not pay cash, but free merchandise and gift cards are quite useful.

20 Smiley360

Smiley360 is another company that pays by free products for your tests and opinions. They already have 800,000 other users.

21 Mccormick

McCormick is a well-known producer of spices, seasonings and foods. They pay by Amazon gift cards for testing their products. They conduct tests Monday-Friday during day and evening hours. You can join the fun up to four times per year, once every three months. Once you participate in a test, you will not be eligible to be called for the next three months.

22 Johnson & johnson friends & neighbors

Johnson & Johnson friends and neighbors is a consumer giant that is well known for its baby products. So, this is particularly good for parents who will end up buying such products anyways. Product testing allows you to try products before anyone else! Studies may include smelling fragrances for a new body wash line, evaluating a new lash lengthening mascara, or testing types of dental floss, just to name a few. These may be Home Use Studies, or studies conducted at their local facilities.

23 L'oreal product testing panel

LOreal product testing panel is a very selective product testing program. But it is a very big cosmetics company and if you can get into their panel, you not only get access to amazing cosmetics for free, but can also make a lot of money for brand new beauty, bath and body products.

24 Buzzback panel

Buzzback panel is an alternative to the Loreal product testing panel for testing beauty and other products. But they are a platform for smaller companies to set up their own tests, and Buzzback itself does not own any products. They pay by Paypal and gift cards.

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