81 Ways to be yourself

1 Start with self-care

2 Click on the forgot your password link

3 Be grateful for your success

4 Forgive yourself for past mistakes

5 Get to know yourself

6 Be kind to yourself

7 Ask for help

8 Learn a new craft

9 Be honest with yourself

10 Do kind acts for others

11 Look for the positive

12 Get some rest

13 Exercise, exercise, exercise

14 Get outside

15 Accept yourself

16 Pay attention to compliments

17 Give yourself a massage

18 Get to know yourself better

19 Find a mentor

20 Smile more

21 Meditate regularly

22 Stop comparing

23 Get active

24 Take a bubble bath

25 Give yourself permission to be alone

26 Put your phone away

27 Write a sweet letter to yourself

28 Surround yourself with people who lift you up

29 Change your mindset

30 Improve your skill set

31 Find a form of exercise you love

32 Cuddle someone or something

33 Let go of your past

34 Get prepared

35 Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers

36 Call your friends and family more often

37 Step out of your comfort zone

38 Appreciate yourself

39 Stand up for others

40 Give yourself credit where credit is due

41 Be kind and generous

42 Pour yourself into a new hobby

43 Have a plan

44 Prioritise yourself

45 Get a good nights sleep

46 Know your principles and live them

47 Think positive

48 Let yourself cry

49 Eat your favorite, most comforting foods

50 Breathe consciously

51 Create a positive mindset

52 Tidy up your space

53 Dance around

54 Forgive yourself

55 Take action to seize opportunity

56 Take a nap

57 Create a big goal

58 Set aside time for yourself

59 Do something kind for someone else

60 Embrace your creativity

61 Meet the neighborhood

62 Have a giggle fest

63 Spread the love

64 Start a life handbook

65 Create healthy relationships

66 Embrace your imperfections

67 Empower yourself with knowledge

68 Let go of guilt

69 Tune into your senses

70 Wear something fun that makes you feel oh-so-good

71 Allow yourself somedown time

72 Have some healthy fats

73 Stop the negative self-talk

74 Set a fixed waking up and sleeping time

75 Breathe the right scents

76 Show your vulnerability

77 Do what you love

78 Give yourself lots of treats

79 Comfort yourself like a baby

80 Make decisions that make you feel good about yourself

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