59 Ways to be there for yourself

1 Practice self-care

2 Know yourself

3 Ask for help when you need it

4 Speak kindly to yourself

5 Be honest with yourself

6 Reach out for help

7 Get outside

8 Adopt a positive mindset

9 Stop comparing yourself

10 Learn something new

11 Practice gratitude for what you have

12 Take care of your body

13 Have balance

14 Stand up for your time

15 Stay positive

16 Use your alone time wisely

17 Love yourself

18 Pay attention to compliments

19 Give yourself a massage

20 Improve your skill set

21 Cuddle someone or something

22 Read a book

23 Create a piece of art

24 Give yourself

25 Connect with nature

26 Try a new workout class

27 Take five minutes to decompress every day

28 Force a smile

29 Meditate regularly

30 Go out in public and be around others

31 Forgive yourself for past self-perceived wrongdoings

32 Listen to a postive podcast

33 Prioritise yourself

34 Start with small steps

35 Surround yourself with people you feel good with

36 Find your passion and cultivate it

37 Put your phone away at night

38 Be alone together

39 Take a nap

40 Allow yourself somedown time

41 Make room for healthy habits

42 Practice being transparent and authentic

43 Stop comparing yourself with other people

44 Find balance in the big picture

45 Make a do-not-discuss list

46 Build a reserve

47 Give yourself a treat

48 Work on forgiving yourself for the bigger stuff

49 Make fun a priority

50 Write down your successes

51 Feel your feelings

52 Pursue a hobby

53 Write yourself a love letter

54 Know your worth

55 Get a coach

56 Quit complaining

57 Associate with other persons focused on success

58 Create healthy relationships

59 Unplug

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