15 Ways to make money dropshipping

Drop shipping is a retail strategy wherein the seller does not keep the products that it sells. Instead, as soon as a buyer makes the purchase, the seller purchases it from a third party and has it directly shipped to the buyer. As a result, the merchant never sees or handles the product, but gets to keep the money. There are many benefits of drop-shipping over traditional retails. There is no inventory to manage. Less capital is required. It is easy to get started as you do not have to worry about warehouses, packing, shipping, tracking inventory and handling returns. And it can be done completely online.

People claim that making $10,000 per month by drop-shipping on some major platforms like Amazon, eBay or even your own website is something that is possible within 6-9 months of starting from scratch. Thinking about it, you probably just have to sell 7 units a day for $50 profit each and that's possible for big budget items. Moreover, with the advertising networks on these big sites, it is easy to be noticed, and if you offer really good service, fast processing and custom care, the buyers will be coming again.

However, not all is great about drop-shipping. Among the major disadvantages is the low-margin and the liability of taking on supplier errors since you do not control the shipping part of the process.

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1 Doba

Doba has a centralized drop-shipping platform that you can choose products from.

2 Watchman advisors

Also, Watchman Advisors maintains a list of drop-shipping companies that you can pick and choose from.

3 Worldwidebrands

WorldWideBrands is a large collection of wholesalers and drop-shippers.

4 Dropshipxl

There are also some drop-shippers, such as DropShipXL that ship to other countries such as India.

5 Oberlo

Many drop-shippers use AliExpress to find and sell products and many of these can be easily imported into your store by Oberlo

6 Salehoo

Salehoo is similar, but they also manage an interesting blog that you can use to learn and chat with others who are working towards the same goals.

7 Alibaba

Alibaba is one of the largest sites on the web and to find a dropshipper, you must search for "dropshipper" and then filter down to the desired product.

8 Wholesale central

Wholesale Central may not have a great site, but they do have categories that you can filter through. You can also find businesses that are closer to you geographically, leading to a more trustworthy partnership.

9 Dropship direct

Dropship Direct Similar to Doba, Dropship Direct takes care of the order and its shipping once you submit it to them.

10 Sunrise wholesale

Sunrise Wholesale With Sunrise, you can either setup your own shop via Shopify or Bigcommerce, or you can establish a store on Amazon or eBay. They take care of the shipping and handling of the order.

11 Wholesale2b

Wholesale2b They take a commission for every item they drop ship on your behalf.

12 Esources

eSources They have a huge repository of verified suppliers globally -- Over 140,000 verified suppliers from the UK, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Canada, Hong Kong, China, Australia and more

13 Wholesaledeals

WholesaleDeals Similar to eSources, their directory of wholesale dropshippers is huge and global.

14 Globalsources

GlobalSources Mostly 10000+ verified suppliers from China and Hong-Kong, with over 850,000 products

15 Hong kong trade development council

Hong Kong Trade Development Council also provides over 20000+ verified suppliers from Hong-kong and China with over 600,000 products.

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