20 Ways to make money watching videos

You love to watch videos. These companies will pay you for watching videos! Incredible, isn't it? There are many reasons why companies will shell out for getting people to watch videos.

  • Finding just the right snippet from old movies and shows that they need for their new production
  • Tag the movies and shows with appropriate keywords based on your observations in the videos
  • Play trivia games related to movies and TV-shows
  • Increase view counts for videos
  • Just be part of a quantitative analysis that runs in the background, while you watch what you watch anyways.

Be sure to also check our massive list of survey sites we have gathered some of which pay you to watch movies and movie trailers.

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1 Workinentertainment

WorkInEntertainment You can get hired to look through hours of programming in order to find the right clips for shows and news broadcast. According to Investopedia, "Jimmy Kimmel Live" has offered $500 to $600 per week to successful TV watchers. "The Daily show" also hires for these roles.

2 Netflix job board

Netflix Job Board Netflix hires watchers to tag and properly categories their videos for them. Sit home, relax, watch a video and make money on Netlfix.

3 Cabletv scholarship

CableTV $1000 for school by watching scholarship This one off scholarship requires students to share a picture of them watching TV at their favorite location and then write an essay about the choice of programming, location and device.

4 Viggle

Viggle Viggle claims it has paid $19 Million in rewards so far for people to watch their favorite shows and movies.

5 Perk tv

Perk TV Using their app, you watch videos and earn points for doing so and convert them at the rate of $1 for every 1000 points you earn. Users say they make about upto a few bucks daily for doing the things you are doing anyways. ]

6 Rewardtv

RewardTV You play TV trivia for cash and prizes. You must be at least 13 years of age and a legal resident of the United States to become a Member of RewardTV. You may only play TV Trivia Games online. Each evening, TV Trivia Games will be posted on the Site for most regularly-scheduled primetime broadcast network television shows and some regularly-scheduled primetime cable network television shows, including TV movies, sporting events, gameshows and other broadcast and cable programs available nationwide. And every day you play you get an automatic entry into a $10,000 sweepstakes.]

7 Nielsen family

Nielsen Family People have reported earning $30 per week for just watching what they do anyways and keeping a diary of their watching habits. But, you cannot apply to be part of Nielsen Family. They select households randomly and you typically receive the invite in your mailbox.

8 Hitbliss

HitBliss Their downloadable app pays you to watch commercials, but the payment is only in the form of downloads of music, movies, and TV shows.

9 Paid2youtube

Paid2Youtube pays you half a cent per Youtube video you watch. Not a great hourly rate, but you are earning nevertheless, in your free time. You can earn a bit more by making contributions in the comments, ratings and referring other people.

10 You cubez

You Cubez They are an advertising agency that pays you to watch the videos, or also to view websites and complete online surveys.

11 Quickrewards

QuickRewards You watch videos, fill out surveys, play games, etc. and earn rewards.

12 Successbux

  • SuccessBux They pay you money directly into your Paypal account for watching videos and adverts. Interestingly, they will send you a deposit for as low as $1.10 while other programs in this list might require you to earn at least $10 before a payment can be made.

13 Slidejoy

SlideJoy They have an app that takes over your homescreen and show ads on it instead. If you like the ad, you swipe left, if you dont you swipe right and get on with your business. You swipe left or right, the points keep accumulating and get paid out in your Paypal account.

14 Appnana

AppNana They are also a phone app. You can make money by looking at advertisements, trying out new apps, and playing games. They call their points "Nanas", and you can redeem them for gift cards from Amazon or the iTunes store. You may also use them to purchase paid apps and games.

15 Creations rewards

Creations Rewards They claim that they have been around since 2000, and pay you for surveys, explore websites, shop online for cashback, answer daily trivia, watch videos, complete special offers, refer friends and family, and much more.

16 Adfun

AdFun This is an app that uses social networking. 'Team Auction' allows you to work together as a team for a fun and rewarding communal gameplay. Adfun rewards you for every sponsored advertisement you watch with Bidding Tickets and Bidding Money you can use to redeem that perfect prize you've been eyeing in the store!

17 Become a tv watcher

There are other things that you can do that indirectly amount to watching TV. Senior citizens need a TV watcher to accompany them while they are alone at home so that you can watch over them while they are merely watching TV. Too bad, you will have to watch what they are watching, but you can make a $15 while you do nothing. Check out Care.com job postings.

18 Become a pet-sitter

You can also be a pet-sitter, who most of the time just watches TV anyways.

19 Cross media panel

Cross Media Panel It is a market research program that Google operates to help understand how people access and use the Internet and their Internet-connected devices. Cross Media Panel is similar to other panels used by market research companies who want to know more about how people are interacting with products or services. Once you have successfully registered for Cross Media Panel, you can install their app on your phone oand also on your browser as an extension. ]

20 Mediainsiders

MediaInsiders Earn valuable rewards simply by watching TV as you normally do. Whether you watch the news or sports, live shows or streamed series - whether you tune in at your convenience or binge view 3 episodes or more - it all matters. After registering, then downloading and activating MI Mobile, earn reward points EVERY week while the Media Insiders app runs in the background of your device while you watch.]

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