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121 Make money

Google shows over 200 Million search results for the query "make money". Single-handedly, me, you or anyone cannot possibly browse through all of these results to identify the various legitimate ways of making money online. Moreover, many of these ways could be ineffective in providing lasting sources of income, or could be outright scams. Hence we were compelled to create this topic on making money. Collectively, we can create the best possibly resource for making money. This list is constantly growing due to the efforts of contributors like you. If you know of any way to make money, make sure you add it here. Also, if you have any perspective into any of the ways suggested by our readers, please provide your perspective on it. How effective was it? How efficient was it? In fact, we are also equally interested in making more money online, passively. Let's help each other and make this page a canonical source on making money online. If you would like to keep up-to-date with novel ways of making money, subscribe to the updates on this page.

That being said, remember the advice of Coco Chanel

"There are people who have money, and there are people who are rich."

1 Matched betting

Ive always hated gambling simply because I always seem to lose, but then I came across this risk-free (and legal) technique that allows you to turn the tables on the bookmakers and make the most out of their free bets. How does it work? Well basically youre backing something to win but also backing it draw or lose at the same odds meaning youre matching your bet and removing the risk of losing. The first time I tried it I managed to make 15 in 30 minutes.

2 Blogging

You do not have to be a tech whiz or an expert to get started with blogging. You can set up your blog in a few clicks with the sites such as Wordpress. Blogging is fun because it great to write about things you enjoy. Once your blog starts attracting lots of visitors, you can start quite a bit of money doing things that you love. You just pick a niche that you are interested in writing about, and start hammering away at your keyboard.

3 Create a website

Since the beginning of the internet era, websites exist for the sole reason of making money, directly or indirectly. With the tools available today, designing websites is a snap. Some website development platforms do not even require you to know programming. Websites can make money in many different ways. Advertisements, affiliate marketing, subscriptions, and e-commerce, to name a few.

4 Flip websites

5 Freelancing

Freelancing is the exchange of time for money. If youre not working, youre not making money. But while it may not be a passive income, it can be quite lucrative. You can freelance to do almost anything. Anything that interests you.

6 Getting paid for social media & platforms

Organizations are always finding ways to get their word across. Social media makes it easier. If you have an established follower base, then you can offer to flood your social media connections with promoted content that these organizations are willing to pay you for. Social media and building a platform is something youre going to do anyway so why not try and make a little bit of a side income from it?

7 Selling other people's products

You do not have to be the brains behind the entire operation to make money online. You can just as easily make a more than comfortable living selling products other people have created. There is nothing new here. Salespeople have done it all their life, for eons. Now, with the advent of internet, you can easily reach a bigger customer-base and promote other people's products.

8 Surveys, research and cashback

If youve got a bit of spare time on your hands then answering paid surveys online is a great (and rewarding) way to fill it. The surveys are normally fairly short and sweet & youll earn money each time you complete one. There are a whole load of different networks such as Global Test Market, Ipsos, Swagbucks & you can sign up to as many as you like.

9 Niche sites

Niche Sites are specific sites that target one area of life or interest. For example, Joes Daily is a niche site about Mens Lifestyle, while Sean Ogles Breaking Eighty is a niche site all about golf. You can always argue that owning any website is a niche site in one way or another.

10 Work at home companies

Finally, there are some companies thatwill hire you to work from the comfort of your own home. If youre interested in working for someone else, while still making your own schedule and deciding where to work from, here are a few companies that will let you do just that:

11 Advice and questions

If youre good with general knowledge or can quickly find an answer online then you could earn up to 10 an hour answering questions. Thats because companies like AQA (Any Question Answered) and Mauren 118212 offer services that allow people to ask them a question via text message. Receiving over 20,000 questions a day these companies are constantly looking for more researchers to join their team in order to keep up with the demand.

12 Content mills

Content Mills sites that create lots of content for a small fee have a bad reputation. Not because they arent a good source of making money. Its because writing purists think theyre the equivalent of wiping your b** with their manuscript.

13 Promote affiliate products.

There are many opportunities for you to share sponsored posts that promote the products and services of other businesses. This is a very direct way of earning money from social media.

14 Create and promote your own information products.

If you already have a blog, and you've demonstrated your expertise on a specific subject over a period of time, there may be an opportunity to create an ebook, audio program or video course and sell it to your audience. Social media is the perfect place to promote such a product.

15 Sell arts and crafts online

If youre passionate about arts & crafts then using sites like Etsy you can turn your hobby into an income. Etsy is a huge online marketplace for handmade & vintage things & its a fantastic & fun way to make money for anybody into arts & crafts.. If you take a few minutes to browse through other sellers profiles & read their feedback count you can see just how much money there is to be made with many sellers boasting over 500 sales.

16 Coaching or consulting services.

If theres a subject that youre an expert on then you can make money by offering private coaching through services like Clarity. Rates vary, but for the average 30 minute session you could typically expect to earn around $50 youre in charge of your own rate and you can set it accordingly. Once youve joined clarity theyll make sure that people looking for advice can find you & all you need to do is wait for the calls to come in.

17 Join the youtube partner program

Building a popular YouTube channel can be a lot of work. But if you already have a following, or you're determined to build your audience, joining the YouTube Partner Program to make money on advertising might be a path worth exploring.

18 Mystery shopping

Mystery shopping assignments can be anything from a brief shop visit or quick meal to a full luxury weekend hotel stay. You get your expenses paid, plus a fee. Theres a handy guide to becoming a shopper here.

19 Sell unwanted items

How would you like to clear some space in a closet, attic or basement and make a little money at the same time?

20 Recycle your old phone(s)

If you've got any old phones lying around the house that you think nobody would buy then think again. Sites like Mazuma and Envirophone will give you an instant online valuation & if your happy you can sell it to them for some quick cash. The few times Ive used them Ive been pretty impressed at the prices theyve offered me, they werent actually much lower than 2nd hand market value.

21 Become a part-time mover

This option is more suitable for guys, but girls are often accepted too to move around fragile stuff and do some minor cleaning. Moving jobs are typically per request and you can always choose a suitable time for you to do them. A lot of moving companies allow you to create an account with them for a fee, list your services, rates, working hours etc and get hired for temporary jobs. Check out this list of moving jobs to get a better idea of how things work and how much you can actually earn for lifting someones sofa.

22 Get paid 35$/hour to drive people around

Yes, thats exactly how much you can make with Lyft a cool app and service eliminating the need to use taxis. Users can just login from their phone and request a drive in all major cities in US. Its faster and at least twice cheaper than calling the typical cab.

23 Distribute leaflets

It sounds like a bit of a lame job, but some companies can offer you good money for giving away promotional staff or doing door drops. For say working 4-5 hours on the weekends, you can expect to earn somewhere between $40-$60 per 1.000 distributed leaflets.

24 Get cash rebates for scanning your receipts

Surprisingly its true, by using apps like ReceiptHog (US) or Quidco (UK) you can actually earn rewards simply by scanning your shopping receipts. Theres also another site called ShopandScan but that ones invite only so if you apply youll have to wait to be selected. It doesnt get much easier than scanning a barcode, and you can expect to earn around 10 per month.

25 Test websites for money

A lot of big companies look for feedback on the usability of their websites and you can get paid doing that. Expect to earn somewhere from 10 cents for an assignment taking less than a minute, to $10-$15 when it comes to larger questionnaires requesting more of your time. Heres a big list of sites where you can create an account and start earning cash. All the payments are typically made via PayPal either at the end of the month or when you have earned a certain sum.

26 Earn by tweeting

If you have a relatively large following on Twitter you can get paid somewhere from $.50 to $20 for tweeting sponsored tweets and content to your audience. The rate depends of the amount of followers you have and some other factors e.g. the age of your account. You can earn with SponsoredTweets; PaidPerTweet and some other services alike.

27 Play games

Making money from playing video games is certainly possible & there are actually quite a few different ways that you can do it. In some of the popular online games theres a lot of money to be made simply by selling in game items or high level accounts. Other ways include setting up your own blog or YouTube channel discussing games, walkthroughs & new releases. Then theres SwagBucks thatll pay you for playing online arcade style games. Be wary of websites that claim you can get paid to become a games tester as whilst it is possible, its very difficult & there are a lot of online scams surrounding this.

28 Do odd jobs at fiverr

This falls in the freelancing category. This five dollar marketplace actually lets sellers charge up to $300 for services such as recording and animation by adding on extras. Find out more here.

29 Sell old books

Instead of just taking them to the thrift shop and receiving peanuts, try using BooksCounter app instead. Scan the book barcode, upload it to the apps system and see which of 20+ different buyback companies offers the highest payout. Once you found the right company, all you have to do is fill in some basic information of how youd like to get paid, download a free shipping label and pack up all the books to dispatch.

30 Data entry jobs

It might be boring, but its easy & it pays. Theres hundreds of employers everyday online looking for somebody to enter data for them either because they either dont have the time themselves or just simply cant be bothered & would rather pay somebody else to do it. Sites like Clickworker pay to enter data and theres hundreds of data entry jobs listed daily on sites like Freelancer & Elance.

31 Sell out your old cds, movies and games

You can get an instant price for your old CDs, DVDs, games & electronics on sites like Music Magpie & they can pay the money directly into your bank. Its an easy way to declutter & make money both at the same time.

32 Teach classes online

If youre good at something, why not teach other people to do it too? You can either run a face-to-face class and advertise locally, or post a course on Udemy and generate income every time its downloaded.

33 Become a field agent

Sign up for an account with Field Agent and get paid to do small tasks around town for different clients. Those usually involve scanning barcodes with your Phone, checking prices at your local drug store and conducting field surveys. Your earnings vary from assignment to assignment and depend on the area you are based in. For example, one listing offers $9 for 4 pictures of any products in the toothbrush section of the local Target in Mission Viejo, CA; while taking one picture of $19.99 & under video game display taken in any Toys R in NYC will earn you $5.50.

34 Become a language tutor online

With iTalki you can easily make money by teaching a language online. Theres over 1.5 million students on the site wanting to learn a language and you can teach as much or as little as you want according to your schedule. The only thing youll need is a headset and you begin teaching from wherever you want providing youve got an internet connection.

35 Become a task rabbit.

If you can wrap presents, help with a house move, do a bit of weeding or help with errands, then you can be a tasker.

36 Sell your photos online.

Are you one of those people that just loves to take photos? The kind of person whos iPhone album is just a never-ending scroll? Well youll be glad to hear that you can make money from these photos by selling them to stock image sites like iStock or Fotolia.

37 Become an avon representative.

Ignore the naff cliches about Avon ladies: becoming a Avon rep can be very lucrative and plenty of men do it too. All you really need is an outgoing personality. Its easy to apply and you receive a commission on every item sold.

38 Get crafty.

Good at knitting? Love to cross stitch? If so, you really need to start getting paid for your handiwork. Create your own Etsy shop and reap the rewards.

39 Hire out your belongings.

Rentmyitems helps you rent out anything that could be of interest to someone else, like camping equipment, bikes; even fancy dress costumes

40 Become a mechanical turk.

This Amazon service (named after an 18th century chess-playing machine) posts quick tasks (known as HITS) that you get paid to carry out. Recent HITS include: select the correct spelling for these search terms

41 Rent out a room, or your garden.

If youve got an unused (or barely used) driveway outside your home; advertise it on Parklet or Just Park to bring in some additional income.

42 Get rid of old devices.

You might be surprised at how much old phones, cameras and MP3 players sell for. Listing them on eBay is your best bet, but there are also companies who will take them off your hands more easily.

43 Sign up for swagbucks.

Swagbucks pays you in points for doing things you would probably do online anyway, like searching the web and watching videos. You can then swap those points for Amazon vouchers and more

44 Get creative in the kitchen.

You can make a big profit from just one bake sale, particularly if fancy cupcakes are involved. Find a local market or car boot sale, arrange a stall, then get baking.

45 Trade in your old books, games, dvds or music.

There are quite a few sites that allow you to trade in old CDs, DVDs, books, and games for cash.

46 Use a cashback credit card.

These credit cards pay you a proportion of every transaction as cash, so just use it for your normal spending, make sure you pay it off in full each month (avoiding interest) and you could earn 100s per year.

47 Write.

The internet is full of people looking for writers to produce content for things like websites, adverts & newsletters. If you enjoy writing then it could be just the job for you, especially with sites like Textbroker paying around 5 to 30 per article. Youll never fall short of jobs either as theyre hundreds posting daily on websites like Freelancer & Elance.

48 Rent out your storage space.

Whilst this one might sound daft, if you have car parking space or driveway that you dont use then youll be glad to hear that theres people who will actually pay good money to rent it out especially if you live in a built up area. Websites like YourParkingSpace make it easy to list & your space will be showcased to a whole load of people looking for a place to park ready to rent.

49 Hold a car boot sale.

Car boot sales are a great way to have a big clear out without having to spend ages advertising things on eBay. Alternatively, if youve got an eye for collectables you can visit one, snap up some bargains and sell them at a profit.

50 Get paid to review music.

Music and fashion site SliceThePie pays a small fee for every song or outfit you review, though the amount increases as you build up a solid reputation. Find out more here.

51 Online surveys

Just fill in the answers to some questions. You do not even need to be an expert to answer these questions. No knowledge necessary. Just go with an opinion. Be as blunt as you want to be. Each site has a limited number of surveys each month for each person. If you want to earn serious rewards its worth signing up to as many as possible. Here are some survey websites: iSay Just The Answer Vivatic Vanson Bourne YouGov Project Payday Opinion World Opinion Outpost OnePoll MySurvey Crowdology Global Test Market NewVista Valued Opinions PureProfile MaxiMiles

52 Dig out your old disney dvds.

Disney restrict the supply of their films to increase demand, a process referred to as the Disney Vault. If a movie you own is currently in the vault, you could get an inflated price on eBay. You can view a list of films that often occupy the vault here.

53 Websites that pay

If you browse website marketplaces such as Flippa youll find a lot of sites for sale, but youll also find some webmasters who are just looking to sell a percentage of their website to raise funds so that they can improve it and grow. It doesnt come without risks, but the sellers provide historical traffic & revenue information so you can generally make well informed decisions as to which websites look like theyre going to be a good investment. If you manage to get a few good earning sites under your belt it can be a really nice income, especially as a silent partner.

54 Freelance writing

Freelance writing is one of the most popular ways to earn money online. Many successful freelancers can earn an average of 50 cents to a dollar per word. Some are earning twice that!

55 Sell your stuff

Bzzagent is an innovative word-of-mouth marketing company. Youll get to try out products and all you have to do is share your thoughts via social media or by writing a little product review. Some of the products are brand new & exciting and you could get to try them before theyve even been released.

56 Improving your existing income

Passive income involves ideas or methods that, once you set in motion, require minimal maintenance work. The following money making ideas aremostlypassive, and are proven to work.

57 Making money on a hobby

Most people have hobbies or things that they enjoy doing in their downtime. For me I enjoy writing, so I started a blog. After writing for a short time I figured out how to make money from my blog. I have a friend who enjoys photography and she turned it into a side gig taking pictures of events for friends. Check out the references to learn how to make money from a hobby:

58 Find a need and fill it

Sometimes in the course of your day youll figure out that youre constantly getting asked by family and friends to do something for them. Instead of doing it for free, turn it into a service and charge! For example, I kept getting requests from friends to do logo designs for them, so eventually I created a website and started charging for my hard work.

59 Making money on the side

There are a lot of other miscellaneous ways to make money on the side. These things arent going to make you rich, but can be fun or a nice way to get some extra spending cash. Like tutoring, coaching, being a juror, being a referee and such.

60 Sell things to make money

If you are short on cash you can also sell things that you have got around the house, buy and re-sell things from garage sales or if you want to live on the wild side you can even sell your body!

61 Get a job

Of course, if you cannot employ yourself, get a job. Let someone pay you for the things you do for their organization.

62 Rent out your property and parking space

It's amazing what you can rent out for cash, especially if you live in a busy area. Ensure you get the most out of your property even your parking space can be profitable.

63 Declutter and sell the stuff

Whenever you finish using something, whether it's kids' clothes they've grown out of or an embarrassing old CD... flog it.

64 Get paid for your opinion

Many companies' and public organisations' desperate need to test, talk about and try out their products or ideas on people gives you a great opportunity to cash in.

65 Work from home

If you're unable to leave your home, whether due to childcare commitments or disability, working from your kitchen or spare room can leave you quids in too. Working on your own isn't for everyone though, so make sure you're OK with a spot of solitude.

66 Work, work, work

If you're willing to travel, as well as the obvious McJobs there are many ways for second-jobbers to earn extra cash. You also can maximise what you get from your current job.

67 Get paid to share files.

Theres plenty of file hosts that allow you to share your things for free, but they probably dont pay you each time they are downloaded right? Well ShareCash & CPALead do. All you need to do is upload your files & theyll pay you anywhere between $1 to $20 each time somebody downloads them.

68 Get paid when somebody leaves your website.

If you own a website or blog & somebody decides to leave without buying anything then youre not going to make any money. However thanks to CPALeads exit traffic tool you can even make money from the people that decide to go elsewhere.

69 Get onto the stock market (the easy way).

The stock market can seem daunting to a newcomer and it can be an easy way to lose money if you dont know what youre doing. However social investment network sites like eToro make it a lot easier by allowing you to simply follow the financial trading activity of other users (preferably ones that seem to be doing well) & copy them. You can connect with others & discuss investments allowing you to quickly learn all about the stock market & discover which stocks are the ones to buy into.

70 Sell your skills.

On websites like Freelancer theres thousands of employers looking to outsource work. Whilst there are plenty of jobs for web designers & programmers theres also a whole load that dont require any out of the ordinary skills. Providing you can at least read & write or enter data theres certainly jobs on there youll be capable of completing. Browse through jobs, bid on any that tickle your fancy & get paid when you finish them. It really is easy as it sounds!

71 Create a gig on fiverr.

Fiverr is an online marketplace to which you can sign up & offer a service for $5. The service can be anything you like but obviously the less time consuming it is for you the better. It doesnt take long to come up with an idea since all you need to do is have a quick look through the site & see what others are offering. The website is full of potential buyers browsing through to see what people are offering which means that if your service catches their eye you could begin generating sales almost instantly.

72 Setup an online franchise style business.

Previously setting up an online business has been something thats required you to have a good knowledge & understanding of computing, but not anymore thanks to the new iPAS2 system which is basically a business in a box. It provides a wealth of training videos, access to private coaching & lets you create your own franchise style online business. Its a fantastic system not only for those experienced with online business but also for those who are just starting out and looking to set something profitable up online. Read my own review here.

73 Buy and sell domain names.

A domain name is basically the address of a website, such as Google.com or Ebay.co.uk. Domain names can be worth a lot of money and theres a huge market for them which is only ever growing by the day. As an example Facebook recently bought FB.com for a reported 8.5 million dollars. If youre lucky you might be able to think of a great domain that nobodies registered yet which would allow you to purchase it much cheaper (you can check availability here), or you could buy & sell existing domains in marketplaces such as Sedo, Godaddy Auctions & Flippa.

74 Get paid to shop online.

By using cashback websites like TopCashBack or Quidco you can get paid for shopping online. Sites like these work with a whole load of retailers & when you shop with them rather than going to the retailers own website they get paid a commission. Being the generous folks that they are they then give some of that commission back to you in the form of cashback.

75 Become an affiliate.

Its really easy to get started making money as an affiliate with sites like ShareASale & it can be very rewarding indeed with some companies willing to pay over $100 just for 1 successful purchase. As an affiliate youll basically be selling other companies products or services for them & receiving a commission each time you manage to do so. The companies will give you a tracking link & instead of sending people directly to their website via their normal web address you simply send them through your affiliate link instead. That way they can track the sale back to you & credit your account.

76 Make money from youtube.

YouTubes a great site to begin earning money from since all you need is a video camera & a bit of imagination. When you upload your videos you can enable adverts & get paid each time somebody watches them. With over a billion people visiting YouTube every single month finding viewers for your videos isnt all that difficult, and if theyre a hit they could quickly go viral overnight earning you a nice bit of money!

77 Write an ebook.

If you enjoy writing then publishing your own eBook can be a great way to earn money. In 2012 eBooks generated more sales than hardcovers & its now estimated that they make up for around a quarter of all book sales. Websites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo all have their own self publishing services which means that getting your eBook published isnt as difficult as you might think, in fact its actually fairly easy.

78 Earn money via cost per action.

There are websites out there such as CPAlead that will pay you each time you get somebody to complete an action. As an example you can sign up to CPAlead & lock a link, which means that when you share a link with somebody theyd have to complete a quick offer before they were redirected to it, resulting in you getting paid. Theres a whole load of different ways you can earn money via CPA for example if you own a website you can use their widget to require people to complete a quick offer before they can access it. Their payouts are pretty high and theres an awful lot of people using CPAlead making well over $100 a day.

79 Get paid to rate music.

If you love your music then this one is definitely for you. Slicethepie will pay you to literally listen to songs & review them. Theyve paid out over $1.3 million to their reviewers & anybody can sign up & get started straight away. If the money itself isnt good enough for you, youll be getting tomorrows big hits sent to your inbox every day & could influence what gets played on the radio.

80 Make money buying & selling on ebay.

Theres lots of people that have left their jobs because their eBay stores have grown so large & you could easily be the next. The great thing about eBay is that you can watch on other peoples listings and see exactly whats selling & for how much, then you can take that knowledge out onto the high street & use it to find bargains that you can sell for more on eBay. If you want to take it really seriously you could also consider ordering products in bulk from the wholesaler to get them cheaper & make more profit from your sales.

81 Make money drop shipping.

If you havent heard of drop shipping then the concept is fairly straight forward. Rather than buying a whole load of products to sell & risking being stuck with some you simply partner with a drop shipping supplier & list their products for sale instead. Then whenever somebody orders a product you just let your supplier know & theyll send them it all you need to pay is the cost of that product. Its basically owning a shop without the risk of being stuck with leftover inventory and it also allows you to start a business with much lower capital required since you dont need to purchase any stock outright.

82 Take on a proper work from home job.

Maybe you dont fancy working for yourself and would rather work for a company, but from your home. Thats possible thanks to Lionbridge, the website thats said to advertise around 150 serious work from home jobs at any given time. The work required varies from job to job but usually youll have the benefit of being able to pick & choose the hours you work. Unfortunately though most jobs listed on the site do require a degree.

83 Sell wordpress themes.

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms & themes for it are in high demand as people are willing to pay top dollar to make their blog stand out from the crowd. A nice WordPress theme can quite easily sell for over $50 and its said that theres around 100,000 new WordPress websites launching every single day so theres certainly some money to be made.

84 Multi level marketing

Multi level marketing is a way to earn a serious amount of money of cash online and its an opportunity thats open to pretty much everybody regardless of online marketing experience. Websites like Empower Network have paid out millions in commissions and even have their own millionaires club. Its worth noting that these arent pyramid schemes because those are of course illegal. In a pyramid scheme there is no product, but with multi level marketing you basically sell products yet also get a commission on anybody that you refer who also goes on to sell products themselves.

85 Sell audio clips.

If youre a musician or DJ dont think youre limited to publishing your work on YouTube. You can put your clips in online marketplaces like AudioJungle & make money every time somebody downloads them. Prices of audio clips start at $1 but many sell for around $18, plus when you put your clip in the marketplace it gets featured on the homepage for a little while bringing instant listeners and potential buyers to your tracks.

86 Make money from donations.

Whenever people think about making money online they always tend to think about selling something but donations can bring in an awful lot of money too and many websites are purely funded from donations alone. All you need to do is provide useful content that helps people and makes them feel like putting their hands in their pocket to say thanks.

87 Rent out your signature in online forums.

If you frequent on a lot of forums then there are people that will actually pay to have their banner or link to their website featured in your signature, especially if youre a member thats looked up to. Just change your signature to something like Rent this signature $x per month, message me for details and see what happens.

88 Sell digital products.

Clickbank is the biggest & most popular affiliate marketing network for digital products on the internet and since launching they have paid out over $2.3 billion dollars to their affiliates. With whopping commissions of up to 70% and hundreds of thousands of products in all different kinds of niches its really easy to begin making money. Theres software, eBooks, all things digital & all you need to do is link people over to the products sales pages and if they decide to make a purchase then youll get the commission easy.

89 Sell your videos.

Theres actually quite a few websites out there that will pay you to watch videos, some will pay you in real money whilst others issue vouchers. A few of these sites include SwagBucks, Gift Hunter Club, Maximiles and Gift Hulk. Then theres also GetJam if youd prefer to get paid for watching videos on your mobile. Youll mainly be watching things like adverts, movie trailers, music videos & game previews.

90 Guest posts.

If you own your own blog then you might think youre limited to making money through affiliate programmes or advertisements but thats not true. If your blogs popular then there will be plenty of other bloggers queuing in line to have their guest post published on it and the majority will be willing to pay. Theyll most likely want a link back to their own blog or website from somewhere within the post, but Im sure you can allow that for the right amount of money.

91 Make money sharing free software.

You can make money literally by giving away free software. Sites such as PerInstallCash will give you free software to share and pay you up to $2 every time somebody installs it, thats because the software packages come with a few of the network advertisers offers bundled in with them.

92 Get paid to click.

Believe it or not but with sites like NeoBux and you can actually get paid to sit and click. All you need to do is view the advertisements that they display, then the advertisers pay them & they pass on a share of the money to you. You can even see preview advertisements before you sign up and you can pick and choose the adverts that youd like to see.

93 Make money with a mobile phone app.

Companies like uTest allow you to make money by testing mobile phone applications. You can use the income to supplement your current job or try and follow the footsteps of some of the top testers at earn thousands of dollars each month by working with them full time. uTest claim that your career growth is totally dependent upon you.

94 Legally lend your money online & earn interest.

Peer to peer lending allows you to legally lend your money online & receive interest on the amount you borrow. Whilst the amount of money youll make will depend on how much you lend the interest rates do tend to be fairly reasonable. Sites like Zopa take out the hassle & make the process really easy by matching savers with individuals who want to borrow. You simply put your money into your Zopa account & theyll lend it out to borrowers in small chunks, then as they pay it back each month with the added interest your money begins to grow.

95 Make money by offering lifts.

Liftshare is the website that allows you to make money by simply letting somebody jump in your car and share a lift with. All you need to do is post where youll be going, when youll be setting off & how much you want from somebody wanting to share.

96 Get paid to mystery shop.

Theres plenty of market research companies that will pay you to walk into stores pretending to be a customer in order gather information on products, services and customer experience for them. MarketForce are amongst the largest mystery shopping companies in the UK & you can register online to become a mystery shopper.

97 Get paid to get your kit off.

If youre confident with your body then you can sign up at ModelReg to become a life model. Employers such as artists, film production companies & medical schools are always browsing through the directory meaning you could get picked & earn yourself a bit of money for posing in the nude.

98 Make money giving away free websites.

This is a cheeky little method that actually allows you to make money by doing nothing more than giving away free websites. With it you could earn yourself around $125 every single time you do it all thanks to the HostGator affiliate programme! Read my full guide here.

99 Get paid to view adverts on your mobile.

By using the completely free Qustodian app you can earn money just by viewing adverts on your mobile phone. It works on most kinds of mobile phones & all of the adverts & offers you receive will be personalised to you based on your interests.

100 Selling your own products

Got a product youve made, designed or created that you want to sell? Or, just want to shift some of the stuff from your attic?

101 Become a web hosting reseller.

The internet is growing everyday and more and more people are looking to buy web hosting in order to setup their own websites. Starting your own web hosting company would be expensive and complicated, but thankfully theres a much simpler solution. Reseller web hosting is a relatively low risk alternative with minimal start up costs. Youre basically buying a web hosting companies services wholesale and selling them on to customers for a profit. With sites like Heart Internet you can sell cloud hosting & offer unlimited websites for just 29.99 a month & get your first 3 months free if you pay annually.

102 Rent your entire house to a film crew.

Film companies are always on the lookout for properties to film in, particularly in London. The rewards can be really big, but you have to be willing to put up with a lot of disruption. You can start the ball rolling by registering with Shootfactory.

103 Make money linking to websites.

Imagine if every time you shared a link you could earn money? Well you can with the AdFly link shortening service. Whenever somebody clicks on your link theyre shown a quick advert before theyre taken to the page you linked them to. You can post the links on your Twitter, Facebook, and anywhere else you usually share them. Its a really easy way for anybody to make money online.

104 Become a virtual assistant.

If you have a few hours spare in the evening to help a busy professional book flights and make calls; sites like Elance, Upwork and PeoplePerHour are a great starting point. Youre often working for people in other time zones, so plan accordingly.

105 Become an ann summers ambassador.

Ann Summers parties have been around since 1981 and are here to stay. Ambassadors attend pre-booked parties and promote lingerie and sex toys, pocketing a healthy commission. Stop sniggering and sign up here.

106 Reclaim, reclaim, reclaim

Right across finance, companies have been taking or holding money when they shouldn't. These days it's easy to fight back. This can mean a boost of 1,000s to your finances in just one go.

107 Sign up to be an extra.

If Ann Summers parties arent your cup of tea, why not get paid around 80 a day to sit in the Queen Vic or wander around Weatherfield instead? There are plenty of TV programmes that need extras: You can sign up at Be On Screen.

108 Get paid to put adverts on your car.

Using something called vehicle wrapping companies can put adverts on your car and remove them without damaging the paintwork. If youre happy to drive around with a few ads on your car then youll be glad to know companies like Money4Space & Comm-motion will pay you to do just that. You can earn over 200 a month however the amount you earn will depend on how many ads your willing to put on your car, the more you put on the more money youll earn. Theyll generally be willing to put ads on cars of all shapes and sizes but theyll most likely require your vehicle to be fairly new and in good condition.

109 Get paid to write product reviews.

A lot of people search the internet for reviews of a product before they buy which means customer opinions are in demand, so much so that there are websites out there that are willing to pay you to hear what you think. Sites like Dooyoo will pay you up to 60 pence for every review you write so if youve got something to say about any of the things youve bought then this is certainly the place to do it.

110 Make money with hubpages.

HubPages is a great & fun way for writers & enthusiasts to make money online. Their system is so easy to use that just about anybody can join up & create their very own Hub. Its basically your own page on the web but once its published HubPages showcase it to other readers & you can start getting visitors almost instantly, your Hub can even get a chance to be featured on the homepage if its really good. You can create as many Hubs as you like & you can earn money from them by enabling advertisements or eBay/Amazon listings to display on the page.

111 Making money doing things no one else wants to do

Sometimes theres a buck to be made doing things that other people dont want to do. Trust me, theres a lot of jobs to be done doing things other people dont want to do.

112 Entering competitions.

Whilst entering competitions is mainly down to luck & doesnt provide a guaranteed income youd be quite surprised at just how many people have given up their day jobs to take comping up as a full time occupation. Its said that theres around 30,000 competitions running at any time in the UK which means providing you enter enough of them then your chances of coming out with a prize could be fairly high. With some prizes being worth over 50k it only takes one big win to set yourself up for a full year.

113 Get paid to search.

Using sites like Qmee you can actually get paid to search on sites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon & eBay. All you need to do is simply install the Qmee app & search like normal. Qmee will place a few of their own search results alongside your normal ones & if you decide your interested in one of the results Qmee have displayed then you can click on it & collect your reward.

114 Get paid to recommend friends.

Websites like Groupon will pay you to simply recommend your friends. If you come across something on their website that you think your friend might like all you need to do is link them over to it using the refer a friend link provided & if they end up purchasing it then Groupon will give you 6 credit.

115 Sell leads.

Lead generation is a big game & theres a lot of money to be made. Basically youre finding people who might be interested in a certain product or service, collecting their details & then selling them on to companies that provide the product/service theyre interested in. Its not uncommon to see people making over $500-$1,000 a day in the lead generation game & anybody can get started by signing up to sites like LeadPages. LeadPages allows you to quickly create fancy & powerful landing pages to grab the visitors attention & drive them to inputting their details, thus providing you with a lead.

116 Open your own online shop.

Opening your own online shop neednt be as hard as you might think, especially with apps like Depop that allow you to sell items just by taking a picture. Depop is the social network for selling & allows you to easily open up your own little online shop from your mobile phone. Plus you can follow your friends to see what theyre buying, selling & liking & privately chat with people to negotiate sales.

117 Make money from facebook, twitter & instagram.

For many Facebook, Twitter & Instagram are just a place to spy on friends & see what theyre up to. However for some theyve turned into a full time occupation. Thats because on these networks its pretty easy to quickly build up a following, and having a few hundred thousand people (or more) at your fingertips to reach out to anytime you like is pretty powerful. Companies know this, and many are willing to pay people will large followings to promote their products.

118 Earn money doing research.

If you have an iPhone then you can download an app called FieldAgent which pays you to carry out little research tasks for companies based on your location. You simply browse the map, check what tasks are available in your area & choose which ones youd like to complete. Tasks might include checking prices in a store, taking photos of something or writing a little review. It generally pays around 4.50 per task but can pay out up to 10.

119 Make money from ebay without selling anything.

You can sign up as an eBay affiliate & make money from other peoples auctions instead of actually selling anything yourself. All you need to do is share the link to an auction with your affiliate ID attached & if anybody thats clicked through the link then goes on to place the winning bid youll get paid a commission.

120 Online investments with crowd funding.

Using sites like CrowdCube you can browse and invest in either established businesses or businesses that you think might become the next big thing. Its free to join & anybody can sign up & invest. Its up to you to decide exactly how much youd like to invest from as little as 10 and you can create a diversified portfolio by investing in as many businesses as you like.

121 Start an online forum.

These days theres plenty of free software available and an online forum isnt all that difficult to start. Once youve managed to get an active community together you can quickly begin earning money & the workload isnt all that great.

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