54 Ways to reduce anger

1 Study your anger

2 Get some exercise

3 Develop relaxation skills

4 Take time out

5 Breathe deeply

6 Try to find humor

7 Identify your triggers

8 Be empathetic and understanding

9 Walk away

10 Repeat the mantra

11 Express your anger

12 Think before youact speak

13 Shift your perspective

14 Use positive self-talk

15 Remove yourself from the situation

16 Keep an anger journal

17 Recognize the source of your anger

18 Laugh it off!

19 Think of something happy

20 Write in your journal

21 Look at the positive side

22 Take a short break

23 Know when to seek help

24 Sing your favorite song

25 Revamp your routine

26 Hug a stuffed animal

27 Write it down

28 Have realistic expectations

29 Consider professional help

30 Seek comfort in humor

31 Take care of yourself

32 Take a quick walk

33 Get enough sleep at night

34 Watch or listen to something funny

35 Develop problem-solving communication skills

36 Let yourself feel angry

37 Leave the building

38 Pause to think before speaking

39 Say something kind to yourself

40 Evaluate situation rationally

41 Picture your coworkers in the nude

42 Imagine yourself as a distant observer

43 Train your mind

44 Break the loop

45 Ride the wave

46 Three-point scales

47 Talk to a friend

48 Recite positive affirmations

49 Become more self-aware

50 Turn on some tunes

51 Express your feelings using the right words

52 Look at your rulebook

53 Relax your muscles

54 Channelize the energy

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