80 Ways to be a better person in life

1 Be forgiving

2 Practice gratitude

3 Give yourself compliments

4 Engage in self-care

5 Be kinder to yourself

6 Learn a new skill

7 Be thankful and appreciative

8 Give to others

9 Find a role model

10 Have the will to change

11 Listen to people

12 Be kind to others

13 Keep a diary

14 Take care of yourself

15 Practice empathy and compassion

16 Practice random acts of kindness

17 Listen carefully

18 Read a book

19 Smile and laugh

20 Surprise someone special

21 Apologize sincerely

22 Work on controlling your anger and jealousy

23 Stop comparing yourself with other people

24 Build your relationships

25 Become a better cook

26 Be encouraging

27 Embrace the weird parts of you

28 Challenge your boss to give you a raise

29 Consider meditation

30 Take responsibility for your actions

31 Read regularly

32 Be helpful in little ways

33 Control your temper

34 Prioritise yourself

35 Spend time in the great outdoors

36 Keep your commitments – no matter what

37 Help other people – be wise about it

38 Pay attention to others

39 Never assume anything

40 Give the right feedback

41 Live with a purpose

42 Change your language

43 Stop waiting around

44 Never assume you know what people are thinking or feeling

45 Send more handwritten letters

46 Be more positive on social media

47 Learn how to tell a good story

48 Dont be critical

49 Try others interests/activities

50 Say yes

51 Drink enough fluids

52 Go to bed earlier

53 Start a job search

54 Dont be impatient

55 Set aside specific hours to unplug

56 Frame goals positively

57 Do what you love

58 Experiment with life

59 Pray and/or meditate

60 Make these small gestures a daily habit

61 Focus on what you can control

62 Master your stress

63 Ignite your motivation

64 Start with the basics

65 Breathe consciously

66 Clean for 30 minutes

67 Change your playgrounds

68 Use positive self-talk as a tool

69 Think before you cancel

70 Live your life like a rom-com

71 Protect thy acid mantle

72 Buy stock in leggings

73 Use your office bathroom as it was intended

74 Learn your personality type

75 Take a quick little break from booze

76 Do nothing for 20 minutes

77 Conserve your time

78 Be more self-aware

79 Read more

80 Spend time with your friends

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