40 Ways to be a better person

1 Practice gratitude

2 Practice empathy and compassion

3 Be polite

4 Listen to people

5 Make a point of paying compliments

6 Be compassionate and understanding

7 Practice self-care

8 Read a book

9 Find a role model

10 Forgive

11 Be encouraging

12 Respect everyone's views

13 Surprise someone special

14 Forgive yourself and others

15 Work on controlling your anger and jealousy

16 Practice self-care and self-love

17 Define your vision and set goals yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily

18 Surround yourself with positive people

19 Build your relationships

20 Have the will to change

21 Take responsibility for your actions

22 Never assume anything

23 Spend time with your friends

24 Pay attention to others

25 Do unto others…

26 Embrace change

27 Keep your commitments – no matter what

28 Stop feeling sorry for yourself

29 Set goals and reach them

30 Nurture and care for others

31 Respect others and their opinions

32 Take care of yourself

33 Let go of making excuses

34 Be honest, don’t embellish

35 Stop comparing yourself to others

36 Be helpful in little ways

37 Be kinder to yourself

38 Commit to lifelong learning

39 Be thankful and appreciative

40 Practice random acts of kindness

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