41 Ways to be more smarter

1 Sleep

2 Read a variety of books

3 Learn a new language

4 Write your notes by hand

5 Make friends with intelligent people

6 Practice mindfulness

7 Have a regular workout

8 Prioritize your tasks

9 Read, read, read!

10 Learn to play a musical instrument

11 Expose yourself to a large variety of genres of media

12 Play video games

13 Teach it to others

14 Become a faster reader and a better writer

15 Read and watch the news

16 Avoid multitasking

17 Explore new things

18 Stop multitasking now

19 Mri might be more important than any game this season

20 Network

21 Seek novelty

22 Think creatively

23 Establish a morning routine

24 Respond quickly

25 Take supplements

26 Front-load your week

27 Get up early

28 Aim to do something new every day

29 Play board games (e

30 Make a list of the things youve done

31 Explain what you know to others

32 Play action-oriented video games (in moderation)

33 Get caffeinated

34 Allow yourself to daydream

35 Socialize

36 Utilize your online time wisely

37 Travel as often as you can

38 Become a renaissance man

39 Rely less on technology

40 Drink coffee

41 Develop a routine

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